Toters ranks 37 on Forbes Most Funded Startups list UAE - MENA startups, innovation, and tech news


Toters ranks 37 on Forbes Most Funded Startups list UAE

Toters ranks 37 on Forbes Most Funded Startups list UAE

Founded in 2017 by Tamim Khalfa and Nael Halwani, Toters is a  Lebanon and Iraq based startup that facilitates food and grocery delivery (Toters Fresh) through its application on the apple store and play store. According to their website, Toters provides “an end-to-end logistics service that makes it incredibly easy to deliver to customers everywhere.” Toters has over 1000 employees as well as 2000 connections with restaurants and grocery retail stores throughout Lebanon and Iraq, with a funding of $8.4 million by  B&Y, Phoenician Funds, MEVP and other private investors, it ranks 37 on the Forbes Most Funded Startups of UAE list. According to Elie A., Head Chef at Mario e Mario, “The process is smooth and the service is top-notch. Toters is definitely the go-to platform for quality deliveries.”


CEO and co-founder Tamim Khalfa described how even in the difficult times of the Pandemic, they made Toters strive. In an interview with he said, “Today, we deliver from over 2000 partners in Lebanon and Iraq, including restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, and electronics stores. In addition, we rolled out a dark grocery store chain called Toters Fresh, and customers have been loving the frictionless experience. We introduced a loyalty program that is getting our customers even more addicted to Toters, and rewarding them every step of the way. As a result, Toters quadrupled in size this year, and turned profits in Q3.”


Tamim also listed key factors that helped Toters quadruple its profits and become the successful startup it is today:


  1. Being flexible: is important as business is dynamic and continually evolving, one must keep growing and changing as and when new developments happen. Following this philosophy Toters gained profits even during the pandemic when most businesses went into losses and even had to shut down.
  2. Be headstrong: Tamim said that you and your enterprise both should be strong enough as when one begins a startups there is always slow growth as well as obstacles that come in the way and thus it is easier to give up than to face that, therefore, you should just accept the challenges that life throws at you.
  3. Great Team: Tamim said to that having a good team is of utmost importance, a person can not get a startup to work on his own. He said, “I am extremely grateful to have a truly dedicated and motivated team that gets along well together. Team dynamics is something we take very seriously, because it can either make or break a company. Hire smart, and hire a person not just because of their skill sets, but also if they are a culture fit. Asking yourself, ‘Would you mind being stuck in an elevator with them for three hours?’ is a good starting point!”

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