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The Best options for getting Finance as an Entrepreneur in UAE

The Best options for getting Finance as an Entrepreneur in UAE

For any Business one of the most essential parts to launch and Capital is very important. Since not everyone is privileged enough to finance their business entirely themselves, one needs finance investment to successfully establish their business. Therefore, here is the perfect list of options if you are looking for finance in UAE!

1. A Local Funding or an Outreach Programme

Established in the year 2007 by H.H Sheikh Khalifa, the President of the UAE and Zayed Al Nahyan the Ruler of Abu Dhabi the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development (KFED), provides quick and easy financial investment aids to investors, entrepreneurs and SMEs based locally in UAE. The main aim of KFED is to cater to increasing and supporting more enterprises and startups by providing them with funds and help them create new ideas and products that would incur monetary rotation in the economy in various fields. According to Virtue zone, The KFED Programmes include both, “ FundingProgrammes (including microfinance, Khutwa, Bedaya, Zeyada, Tasnea, Zaarie and Al Hasela) and Outreach Programmes (such as Al Radda, Ishraq, Sougha and Amal) targeting certain categories.”

2. Dubai SME

Dubai Department of Economic Development provides finance as well other services to cater to startups and other SMES’.

3. Angel investors

Angel investors are a group of investors with high-net-worth that provide quick investment to young startups.

4. Venture capitalists

Venture Capitalists include private equity investors that often invest greater capital regardless of the consequential loss, however, they also create a way for massive gains. For exampleVentureSouq, Shorooq Partners and BECO Capital

5. Institutional investors

Institutional investing companies use funds contributed by different individuals that are then invested in companies in various enterprises. For example Banks, insurance companies and mutual funds like Greenstone Equity Partners, and Gulf Capital.

6. Business incubators

Organisations that provide complete services to startups other than marketing and funding as well are known as Business Incubatorsfrom market positioning and launching, to marketing and financing. For Example Astrolabes, the Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Centre (DTEC), In5, FinTech Hive, Turn8 and Techstars Dubai.

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