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Plandemic Movie banned

Plandemic Movie banned

A 26-minute documentary-style video, which was supposedly a part of an upcoming moviecalled ‘Plandemic’, went online on May 4, 2020. It features an extended interview with Judy Mikovits, former research director at the Whittemore Peterson Institute; and Mikki Willis, the director of the film.

Mikovitsassertsthat a group of elites was using the virus and a potential vaccine to gain profit. It also attacksAnthony S. Fauci, director of the National Institute of  Allergy and Infectious Diseases(NIAD) and a member of the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force, for being answerable to the deaths of millions during the early years of HIV pandemic. Mikovits claims to have co-written a paper on HIV but her paper wrongly led her behind the bars. The video exploded onsocial media sitesbut was taken down for its misleading claims including baseless and unsubstantiated advice for covid-19; suggesting, masks lead to harm.

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