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Personalized coaching platform, Knack secures seed investment from FLAT6LABS

Personalized coaching platform, Knack secures seed investment from FLAT6LABS

“You can mass-produce hardware; you cannot mass-produce software-you cannot mass-produce the human mind.”-Michio Kaku (American Physicist)

 As Michio Kaku has rightly said, the human mind hascertain limitations and capacity to store and produce.The21st-century saw a huge technological development in every aspect but Application development steal the show. Presently 77% of the world’s population is online. With the rapid adoption of smartphones, technological advancement has skyrocketed. There are more smartphones in the world in contrast to other appliances.

Knack, a UAE-based HR-tech start-up, is such an application that has secured an undisclosed Seed investment from Flat6Labs in Bahrain. To know further about this personalized coaching platform, let’s dig into it.


 Seed funding is also known as seed investment, seed capital, or seed money. It is a form of security offering, in which an investor invests capital in a start-up company in exchange for an equity stake or convertible note stake in the company. The term seed suggests that this is a very early investment, meant to support the business until it can generate cash of its own, or until it is ready for further investments. Seed money options include friends and family funding, seed venture capital funds, angel funding (an individual who provides capital for a business start-up), and crowdfunding (a practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet).


 Knack is a data-driven platform designed for personal transformation. It was founded in 2020 by Amna Aljarwan and Dives Lachhwani. The start-up aims to build a happier, more engaged, and productive workforce by enabling HR professionals to lucidly administer the trainees or employees. Knackfacilitates coach-employee matchups, event management, survey tools, and data-rich dashboards for HRs to measure engagement, satisfaction, and impact of training and coaching on employees.It also helps you identify your strengths and opportunities using its 21st-century human skills framework to; guide you to set meaningful and clear personal development goals.It capitalizes on your strengths and works through your challenge areas with your coach.


  • Assess yourself: Sign up for Free and take the Future Leadership Assessment to help you identify your goals, strengths, and areas of development.
  • Connect with Your Coach via Video-Calls: You will be paired with a top global coach who will guide you towards finding your purpose and achieving your personal & professional goals.
  • Self-Coaching: Knack is a platform, that will help you track your progress, find relevant articles, videos and podcasts, and worksheets that supplement your coaching experience.


  • Helps you design your plan for achieving your work and life goals.
  • Meet with you twice a month to listen to you and act as a sounding board for you.
  • Provide you with the targeted resources, and sometimes with permission provide advice.


 Amna Aljarwan, co-founder & CEO at Knack, commented “The Corporate Training industry in the region is, unfortunately, still undisrupted by technology and analytics, especially when it comes to coaching & live-training programs; we’re coming in to automate these dreadful processes and quantify the impact of developing employees through meaningful analytics.”

Shubha Yadav, Training & Development Manager at Thumbay Group, added “The pre & post-coaching surveys used are very practical and relevant. The dynamic approach, personalized coaching with the best in the market, tremendous resources, and learning on the go made everything so easy and humane. This state-of-the-art platform is in true sense ‘a human experience, powered by technology.”

Moreover, Knack will use its newly received investment to further develop and enhance its technology and expand its reach to the GCC(Gulf Cooperation Council)to become the ultimate training & development platform for HR professionals in the region.

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