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Openner lends a hand of trust to, injects a 6-figure USD seed investment

Openner lends a hand of trust to, injects a 6-figure USD seed investment

Egyptian electronics e-commerce platform has secured a 6-figure seed investment from Venture Capital and the first ‘Venture Builder’ firm, Openner.

Taking baby steps

Launched in January 2021, has been successful in attracting more than 50 vendors to its platform offering over 18,000 products. Wholesalers, suppliers, and vendors come together on this platform to sell electronic consumer goods, ranging from TVs, fridges, printers to video games, computers, mobile phones and tablets, fitness and personal care equipment.

The entry point for

With challenges rising every day, customers are looking forward to new and innovative shopping, retailers are seeking viable marketing solutions across the region. However, a close study of the local and regional trends hinted at an unfilled space on the e-commerce platforms. Islam Erfan, founder and CEO of is elated as the team was born at the right time to offer feasible marketing solutions for its partners and a consistent and thrilling shopping experience for its shoppers.

The electronics e-firm is gaining huge momentum in the online sphere. This is directly attributed to the founders’ invaluable domain, market, and distribution knowledge and experience strengthened with their long-established relationships with wholesalers in a niche market. With a brilliant customer base, they have been successful in providing the best price and best service buying experience.

Aiming high

While their primary focus is on electronics, mobiles, and mobile accessories, they are also on the lookout for the latest trends and gadgets to keep their clients updated and enhance their shopping experience. The startup aims to grow its sales to EGP 100 million by the end of this year and will focus on both B2C and B2B transactions.

Openner backs

Openner is tejarra’s first investor and partner. This partnership will offer capital along with extensive hands-on technical support, scientific knowledge, and additional resources to boost tejarra’s marketing and sales operations as well as to strengthen its market position. With Openner lending its hand of trust to tejarra, we get a peek into its distinctive venture model for entrepreneurs in Egypt. The three pillars of the model are: to build new ventures, to invest in existing ones, and to associate with corporations to unlock new business structures.

The Egyptian market is growing, with its broad tech-savvy youth sector and its promising and ground-breaking ideas. This collaboration is sure to streamline’s market success and solidify its position among other market players and will further incentivize Openner to support the rapid growth of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the country.

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