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From “Everyone’s private driver” to “Get  there: The Uber Story

From “Everyone’s private driver” to “Get there: The Uber Story

Uber has become an important part of our lives today. Started out in the year 2009, the road for Uber has been bumpy but it has got along. Ten years down the line, the total funding of the company is $25.2 B, the last funding type of the company was post-IPO debt. Here’s the story of the company that has become essential in today’s world:

The Uber Story:

Uber is an American technology company founded in the year 2009. The two founders, Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick were ready with the design of the app by December 2008. Uber’s startup idea had popped in Camp’s head. The road was a little bumpy for Uber. Apps like Taxi Magic and Fabulous already existed. Camp wanted Uber to succeed. According to the sources, Camp has been working on this idea since 2001. The “One-click car service” idea was quite appealing.

After some discussions over meetings Kalanick, the co-founder helped recruit Ryan Graves as Uber’s first CEO and tweeted: “BIG equity, big peeps involved.” For the first six months, Ryan Graves was getting the business on track while Camp looked after the bills. By the year 2010, the founders realized the future of the company. Graves's new boss expressed his eagerness and stated: “I’m super pumped about how well-rounded the team has become with Travis on board full time.” As we said, the road to success wasn’t that easy.

It was full of bumps. In the year 2017, the company accused Travis Kalanick of “string of needless scandals: an ill-advised acquisition that led to a megawatt lawsuit from search giant Alphabet Inc., a pervasive office culture of sexism and misconduct, the mishandling of a medical report for an Indian customer who was raped by an Uber driver and a verbal confrontation between Kalanick and a driver that was caught on tape.” states. Camp maintained a distance between the co-founder. Kalanick never returned as a CEO again. Camp also stated that the last five years were the best ones.

Looking at all this, Camp made the statement: “Uber hasn’t changed at all. You can get in, put your phone away or check your email. In the end, you get out. You basically get to where you want to go with low stress in a time-efficient way. That has not really changed, and that is still our bread and butter.”

The Marketing Strategy:

Uber started off big. To give the customers the experience they deserve so that they can go forward and tell more people was the plan. Word of mouth certainly worked for them well. The company gave the users special experiences to remember. The idea was new of your private driver was new. The company started off by giving the users to experience the black cars driven by their pro experienced drivers. Every new 7 users helped them gain more as their experience was one to tell.

The company unlike any other had its main focus on supply. They cared about the customers more than about the gain in their bank accounts. This resulted in giving off great quality to the users. Uber wasn’t available everywhere. It accelerated its company slowly everywhere. It focused on the nightlife, the busy roads, and the schedules of these metropolitan cities. By the year 2011, the app expanded to New York and Chicago. It was launched in Canada and UK in the year 2012.

The Growth:

The revenue of the company today is around $3.2 B with a 71% market share. Available in around 10,000 cities across 71 countries the company has 93M customers and 3.5M, drivers. In the year 2008, while presenting it to the investors Camp had stated: “profitable by design.” And indeed it is one.

“No Matter What People Tell You, Words And Ideas Can Change The World.” – Robin Williams

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