Contributing to a better ecosystem: Ismail Fahmy, founder of Mawaad Environmental Services - MENA startups, innovation, and tech news


Contributing to a better ecosystem: Ismail Fahmy, founder of Mawaad  Environmental Services

Contributing to a better ecosystem: Ismail Fahmy, founder of Mawaad Environmental Services

Established in 2018 by Ismail Fahmy, Mawaad Environmental Services (MES) is a materials processing and resources recovery company whose operations and sales focus on creating value from a range of wastes, by-products, and industrial services that are economical, profitable, and eco-friendly. They deal with Materials, hence the name Mawaad, owing to their regional roots in the MENA region.

What Mawaad Environmental does for the Environment

Headquartered in UAE, Mawaad utilizes the latest technologies to carry out the circular economy and resource recovery projects to bring out the maximum value from industrial materials and by-products. They focus on heavy industries where waste streams and by-products are plenty and are rich in value, potential uses, and environmental benefits. They analyze material, processing techniques and create ‘cradle-to-cradle solutions that are profitable, sustainable, and beneficial to public and private stakeholders across the board. By ensuring all end products of slag processing are sold for production or manufacturing processes,Mawaad Environmental Services eliminates costly landfilling processes and toxic environmental hazards while bringing down operating costs and saving natural raw materials for future generations.

How the by-product is used as a better alternative

Steel slag is a by-product of Steelmaking, containing a significant and recoverable quantity of metal that can be further used in steel making thereby saving the steel companies’ considerable amount of money on raw material as well as reducing the overall carbon footprint of steel making across the entire supply chain. The non-ferrous slag is compressed, screened to size, and sold to various industries, such as concrete, block manufacturing, agriculture, cement, and other end users that can make the most of its physical and chemical properties.

Prominent growth

In 2020, Mawaad Environmental Services had raised a $6.5 million Series A funding that was led by an impressive cohort of investors, including Egyptian entrepreneur Ahmed Sadek El Sewedy, Executive Director of El Sewedy Electric Company, who funded half of the investment, Dubai Future Foundation’s Youcef Oudjidane, and Q2Q Capital’s Muhammed Yesilhark along with a star-studded UK athlete, such as Ross Barkley, Henri Lansbury, Kieran Gibbs, and Jack Wilshere.

The investment maintained a great win streak for Mawaad Environmental as this funding process followed a 10-year agreement with Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Steel during the first half of 2020 and Egypt’s EZZ Steel, with operations starting in late 2020. These heavyweight allies were a great support to the material resourcing company in providing critical services for the steel company, especially in slag processing and metal recovery. The partnership bolstered the Emirati company on its way to be a leader in the circular economy and resource recovery industry in the MENA region.

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