Connect Ads, MENA's Platform for Digital Initiativesis acquired by Aleph for 86 per cent | MENA startups, innovation, and tech news


Connect Ads, MENA’s Platform for Digital Initiativesis acquired by Aleph for 86 per cent

Connect Ads, MENA’s Platform for Digital Initiativesis acquired by Aleph for 86 per cent

ConnectAds is the platform of choice for the largest names in the digital business.


Aleph Holding, a global partner to the world’s largest digital media companies, has confirmed the cash and stock swap acquisition of 86 percent of Connect Ads. Aleph Holding will join the MENA market as part of its ongoing efforts to develop worldwide and expand its footprint in new areas, which now totals 90 markets and territories. Aleph Holdings is acquiring this company to expand its global footprint.

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All about Connect Ads, from the beginning to the present


Connect Ads is a worldwide firm with 9 on-ground locations that is one of the major digital media powerhouses and advertising solutions providers in EMEA. Connect Ads serves 15 different markets. They’ve been leading the digital media business in the region since 2001, and they’re dynamic and passionate about it. Connect Ads is a part of A15, the region’s biggest IT investor.

They helped launch and grow the digital advertising business for companies including Facebook, Twitter, Verizon Media (formerly Yahoo), Spotify, LinkedIn, Shazam, TikTok, Speakol, BIGO Ads (Imo and Likee), Huawei Ads, and others.


Connect Ads uses cutting-edge digital advertising technology, as well as certain exclusive collaborations, to provide their customers and partners with a wide range of 360-degree solutions that span all types of buying models and formats. Connect Ads presently serves over 600 brands and advertisers quarterly, thanks to a broad and diversified portfolio that covers the complete monetization waterfall, advertising verticals, platforms, and technologies.


They believe firmly that people only conduct business with individuals they can trust! They are open, genuine partners who value their honesty, perfect business ethics, and excellent reputation in their markets. They are the region’s digital technology and digital marketing pioneers, trend-setters, and thought leaders. They value knowledge sharing and education including both their partners and clients.


Ad operations, manage the money supply, programmatic advertising, display advertising, media planning and purchasing, and strategy and consultation are among the company’s services for media owners and marketers.

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About the largest global partner: Aleph


Aleph is the world’s largest worldwide collaborator and expansion of the world’s leading digital platforms, including over 70 markets in Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

In the digital services industry, Aleph creates success stories. They assume that growth breeds growth as a trusted partner to the entire digital content community. Global opportunities are being created by digital media within local markets, but they recognize that this potential is not being realized equally around the world. That’s why they are dedicated to bringing digital news media to life.


Aleph connects the world’s biggest digital players with the companies that rely on them, and they do so in more than 70 countries. They realize that choosing their path requires bravery. As a result, they work with businesses all around the world to help them convey their message and develop, whether they are established brands or start-ups. Because of their unique agreements with the top digital platforms, they help marketers optimize the value of their media space as a digital media partner. They provide a whole service ecosystem that includes cutting-edge proprietary technology, digital skills, and in-depth local domain expertise. Their experts assist businesses in mastering these platforms, increasing interaction and bringing them closer to their consumers. At the same time, they serve as an extension to the digital industry’s major players, providing them with access to new and underserved areas. They can turn each market into a fresh success story thanks to their global infrastructure and size.


Aleph expects to produce $1 billion in revenue by 2021, thanks to an increased network that now includes over 90 regions. The acquisition is a significant step forward in their process.

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The owner’s remarks and the way forward

Gastón Taratuta, the establisher & CEO of Aleph Holding remarked that“Building throughout MENA has significant value, both in terms of serving our present partners and clients and in terms of expanding on existing ties in other areas of the world. We’ve been watching Connect Ads’ development and geographic expansion over the past five years, and I’m excited to welcome them to the Aleph group. We’ll work with Connect Ads and A15 to make this a successful partnership,”


“A15 is pleased with Connect Ads’ incredible performance, value, and growth over the years; it confirms A15’s venture-building philosophy of producing outliers. This is A15’s second dragon exit from Fund I, and our third significant exit overall,” Karim Beshara, A15’s General director, stated.

“A15 is ecstatic to proceed on this journey with Aleph and Connect Ads, and to assist to a global digital superpower,” says the company, he says. We’re looking forward to the future development prospects and possible rewards that this acquisition will provide.”


“For Connect Ads and all of our stakeholders, including our staff, partners, and customers, we see this as a big step in the right way. As a member of Aleph, we will have additional clout in controlling our business, as well as worldwide exposure and potential that extends far beyond MENA and EMEA. This is an exciting time for us because of our many synergies and common goals. Connect Ads CEO Mohamed El Mehairy stated, “The increased accessibility that this brings will allow us to expand quicker and greater than ever before.”

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