By raising $5.1 Million Seed Funding Abwaab to Capture More - MENA startups, innovation, and tech news


By raising $5.1 Million Seed Funding Abwaab to Capture More

By raising $5.1 Million Seed Funding Abwaab to Capture More

Focusing on product and content development Jordanian ed-tech startupAbwaab has managed to raise $5.1 million in its Seed funding round. It is noticeable that the round saw participation from 4DX Ventures, BECO Capital, EQ2 Ventures, Foundation Ventures, GSV Ventures, and Spartech Ventures. Including the last year’s raise Abwaab was able to raise a total of $7.5 M.

What is EdtechstartupAbwaab about?

Abwaab is an online learning platform for the students of the Middle East and North Africa founded by Hamdi Tabbaa and Hussein Alsarabi in 2019. This platform allows secondary school students across the region to learn at their own pace, test themselves and get ahead with expert tutors anytime and anywhere. They also offer short, engaging video lessons, visualized learning journeys, continuous assessment, and performance analytics to the students. 

Since the launch, their main focus was on product and content development. They have produced thousands of engaging video lessons, visualized learning journeys, continuous assessment, and performance analytics. Interacting with expert tutors, taking tests, and tracking their performance using different tools will enable the children to get a better and creative experience. 

With regards to student engagement, Abwaab reports double-digit growth WoW in lessons watched and questions solved on its platform. This is proving to reflect positively on student performance at school. To deliver the best, they ensure the quality of the content from subject matter experts. Also, they analyse the quality through different evaluations and audits.

They offer the national Jordanian curriculum for grades 7-12. Subjects include Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Arabic, and English. It also has a freemium subscription model, offering some of its content for free to students and charging for full access.

Especially during this pandemic, this platform is a savior for students. They also helped the Jordanian government to launch an online education platform to teach over 1 million school-going students in Jordan.  

According to Hamdi Tabbaa, the co-founder & CEO of Abwaab their region is home to over 100 million students. To unleash their full potential, they are empowering the upcoming generation with education and the entire Abwaab team has set sail to take this challenge head-on.

AbdulazizShikh Al Sagha, Venture Partner at BECO Capital, said, “Abwaab is tackling regional whitespace through a deeply thought-out platform focused on delivering quality educational content to students across the Arab world. Beco Capital was captivated by how mission-driven and execution-focused the founding team is particularly having achieved a lot with very little demonstrating and how resourceful and efficient the team is whilst producing extremely high-quality work. We are proud to be a part of their journey in establishing themselves as the de-facto market leaders in the space.”

Deborah Quazzo, Managing Partner at GSV Ventures also added that they are very proud to make Abwaab their first investment in the MENA region. To them, Abwaab represents the opportunity for a deeply talented team of entrepreneurs to dramatically increase access to high-quality education first in Jordan and then in MENA more broadly.

The team of Abwaab has decided to use its capital to expand the platform across the region by kicking off with Egypt first which is home to 21 million students. It also plans to invest in its technology to better track its users’ progress.  Their future aim is to provide every student a curative content tailored to his/her own learning pace. They are striving to make high-quality academic education more accessible for students across the MENA region.

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