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Building Blocks to Your Card Issuance: Abu Dhabi fintech NymCard
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Building Blocks to Your Card Issuance: Abu Dhabi fintech NymCard

Middle East-based NymCard is the only BaaS provider that offers a modern payment issuing and processing platform, allowing booming startups, large enterprises, fintech, and banks, in Africa and the Middle East region, to instantly create, control, and distribute virtual or physical cards through their modern, fully public API platform.NymCard intends to overcome complex legacy systems by simply driving in finance into applications and customer journeys for payment innovators to work with.


Omar Onsi, CEO and Founder: Omar has been a tech entrepreneur for more than 20 years. Previously, he founded Splendor Telecom, an ITSP offering PPCC solutions, Wholesale, Satellite Broadband and Voice over Broadband products and services in the Middle East and Africa. He founded NymCard in 2018 to ease the heavy technicalities posed by legacy systems, offering a modern payment issuing and processing platform to start-ups, large enterprises, fintech, and banks in the MENA region.

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Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

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Total Funding Amount

$13.6 million

Legacy payment systems generally lack the speed, agility, and flexibility that allow you to innovate and add value to your cardholders. NymCardallows financial institutions to issue innovative digital payment products in regions that have historically dealt with exceptionally low penetration of payment cards. Utilizing powerful open APIs and Mobile SDKs, its clients can now provide virtual, plastic, or tokenized cards to mobile end-users in less than 8 weeks.

What NymCard does

 Partnered with VISA

NymCard is a certified partner with visa, allowing you to build confidence knowing you are building alongside trusted hands.

 Real-Time Notifications

Enables you to create the best payment experience for your users. You can send or manage real-time notifications to your cardholders by leveraging NymCard’s Webhooks to push data in real-time. Your users will receive notifications on things like card activation, usage, and more.

 Secure Authentication

Your data is powerful and so is NymCard’s platform. You can build physical cards, virtual cards, and digital wallets that have 3D Secure (3DS) authentication solutions embedded for smooth transactions.

 Configure Cards with Open APIs

With NymCard’s open APIs, you have the luxury of configuring single-use cards that expire after one transaction or multi-use cards that have a specific expiration date. Along with this, you can choose your card brand to fit your tailored use cases and control usage, transaction fees and velocity limits. The future of payments is Digital. That's why NymCard is constantly evolving, improving and developing innovative features to offer seamless payment experiences, enabling your customers to always make easy, reliable and fast payments.

Investors B& Y Venture Partners, Phoenician Funds, of Jasoor Ventures, M1 Group, VentureSouq, and
Shorooq Partners In October 2019, NymCard and INC Iraq, in partnership with Visa, launched a digital-only payment card Neo in Iraq. The payments industry is highly regulated and very complex. Fintechs need modern infrastructure that would get them to devote their time to building their product proposition rather than deal with the payments infrastructure. It is a clumsy process trying to find a processor, then the Issuing Bank (BIN Sponsor). NymCard launches APIs as their technology building blocks’, to remove part of this friction and get their clients to start building faster.

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