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Your E-Commerce Partner in UAE: Telr Payment Gateway
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Your E-Commerce Partner in UAE: Telr Payment Gateway

Dubai-based Telr is an award-winning start-up that offers payment gateway solutions for SMEs, government bodies and large corporates. Its wholly-owned, unique platform serves to handle complex or unique payment methods or integrations. TELR won the prestigious Start-up of the Year award in 2014 only months after its official launch. It won the Best Payment Product in the Middle East award is 2015, while in 2017, it was awarded the Innovative Vendor – Fintech at the 2017 GEC Awards in Dubai.


Khalil Alami, CEO: Khalil has over two decades of experience in the financial services sector, including 17 years in the payment and card industry, especially on payment infrastructure and system implementation. He was the former CEO of publicly listed International Cards Company (ICC) and served as a Board Member for the Young Entrepreneurs Association in Jordan. At Telr, he brings deep knowledge of industry structure, with a focus on card processing and settlement, the four-party system, consumer touchpoints, electronic and mobile payments, international payments architecture, and network security.

Founded Date


Headquarters Regions

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

Company Type


Total Funding Amount

$13.9 million

With a fast-growing presence in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and India,TELR enables businesses to transact in more than 120 currencies with payment platform capabilities in 30 languages and it provides customers with a range of financial and business services that include social commerce, QR Codes, Shopping Cart Integrations,anti-fraud protection, and digital invoicing.


Whether you are a brand-new startup, an established retailer moving online, or a digital pureplay expanding into new markets, a payment gateway is always needed that can grow with you and here’s how Telr helps you grow-

 Their online onboarding platform – the first of its kind in the region – will give you complete control over the onboarding process.

 You can integrate the Telr payment gateway into your checkout flow the way that suits you best. Telr integrates with a wide range of the most popular shopping carts too, and has an API for your mobile app.

 Gives customers a wide range of payment options with one single integration.

 Lets you stay in control of your cash flow – they settle the funds due to you frequently and regularly.

 Their dashboard allows you to manage your payments pages, access real-time transaction data, and stay connected with their support team.

 You can sell to customers outside of your home country, in the currency of their choice. Telr supports payments in 120 currencies, along with localized settlement.

 You can send customized invoices to your customers’ email addresses, that they can click on and pay directly to you online and you can see the payment status in real-time.

 Set up recurring payments with ease; your customers need to enter their details only once.

 You can add clearly marked service charges to payment amounts. Telr SECURE TelrSecure offers the fullest antifraud protection available.

 Telr monitors transactions in real-time, using a set of algorithms and procedures to locate any markers of fraud and immediately stop a fraudulent transaction from happening.

 The intelligence built into their anti-fraud algorithm helps to improve your success ratio, by only flagging genuinely fraudulent activities.

 They tokenize the card numbers of repeat visitors, which means that you can offer your customers to ‘save’ their card details.


 With Telr, give your customers the ability to purchase directly from within social media, with 2-click payments from links and images.

 Enables you to generate QR codes with a single click, to use offline or at the point of delivery.

 Use one link to direct your customer to a payment page where they can choose your suggested amount or set their own.


No technical skills to create your online store? Don’t worry. Now you can create an all-in-one e-commerce platform in just 5 minutes!


Innovations East Fund, Imena Group, and Harveen Narulla

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