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Five major things to consider when launching a restaurant in Dubai

Five major things to consider when launching a restaurant in Dubai

Every eatery in Dubai must follow a stringent food code, whether it is a fine dining restaurant, café, or bakery.

This food code is intended to make it easier for the person in charge of running the restaurant to follow the rules.

If you overlook critical aspects of the restaurant industry, your establishment may close.

Dubai, which attracts around 4.7 million tourists every year, is a fantastic place to launch a restaurant. Dubai is quickly becoming one of the top worldwide culinary destinations, and if done right, starting a restaurant in Dubai may be incredibly profitable.

The thriving Food & Beverage sector in Dubai sees the introduction of new restaurants on a regular basis, as well as the closure of old ones. Because Dubai is such a trend-conscious market, restaurant menus must be redesigned every three to six months.

What does it take to create a successful restaurant and keep it running?

This article will walk you through the five important things to be considered while opening a restaurant in the United Arab Emirates Persian Gulf Coast.

Menus Are Always Being Redesigned
Residents in Dubai are wild and on a continual quest for new trends that reflects the market in restaurants. The menus must be re-engineered every three to six months to be contemporary, said Gabrielle Mather, Chief Executive and Founder of the UAE Food Secrets Consulting Restaurant.” In order to draw inspiration from the entire world, caterers, including Michelin star chefs and mixologists must get the proper expertise on board,” added Ms. Mather.

Naim Maadad, creator and owner of restaurants including Gates Hospitality, Reform Social&Grill, and folly by Nick&Scott, emphasized that it’s crucial to keep focused on what your restaurant offers for the market. “Regular activations and partnerships are a great way of keeping your businesses famous. Smart social media, strong marketing, and management of media strategies are also vital.” Mr. Maadad added.

Personnel Training Budget
Restaurants have high turnovers and managers often pursue the finest staff. Restaurants require continual training for their workers to maintain standards. If these charges are not taken into account in your budget, Ms. Mather indicated that you would have a major challenge. Employers are responsible for visas, health care, housing, and even transport at their employment, especially in the UAE.

Mr. Maadad, who manages many Dubai and Australia restaurants and Zighy Bay resorts in Oman, said eateries should encourage their employees to remain loyal.

“You must be fair and treat your employees equally. Empathy, growth, and training are crucial.” “We build professional advancement plans for our team and make sure that everyone feels that they belong to the team.” He stated.

Waste Management Should Be Taken Seriously
The UAE is one of the worst per capita garbage-producing countries in the world. According to Dubai carbon, over 38% of the food produced in Dubai is in the garbage daily, and in recent years it soared to around 60% during Ramadan. Food degradation releases methane gas, which is supposedly greater environmental damage than CO2 by 25 times.

“Food waste is also awful at the end of the day, but an experienced crew ensures that no dirham is lost.” “They’ll believe in your brand and feel a feeling of belonging when you hire specialists. In addition, they are going to consistently and efficiently enforce your requirements,” said Mr. Maadad.

Ms. Mather stated, “too many eateries have no waste management measures in place. In order to ensure that pricey steak does not result in waste, a sturdy handle is required for inventory management.
Experienced restaurants have a just-in-time inventory system which allows cooks to acquire supplies when they are needed – which is important in today’s volatile market.”

Make An Investment In Instagram Marketing

The terms “Dubai” and “Instagram” are synonymous for a reason. Instagram marketing is more effective in the emirate than virtually anyplace else on the planet.

According to Ms. Mather, a restaurant’s social media presence is critical for presenting the brand and connecting with consumers. “This is why it’s critical to set aside funds for a social media professional with the necessary capabilities,” she explained.

Spend money on a nice camera for those high-definition photos, and start creating high-quality material. A lot of people choose where to eat while reading through their Instagram account, so make sure you stand out.

Choose Your Kitchen And Contractors With Extreme Caution

Ms. Mather stated that any restaurateur who wants to launch a high-quality restaurant on time should expect to pay a premium. “As with any job, cutting costs by hiring a lower-priced contractor will just cost you more in the long run,” she explained.

In Dubai, delays are typical, but they may be prevented by bidding out the construction contract and asking for recommendations. Because the fit-out of food and beverage units might be significantly different from other projects, restaurant owners should double-check their contractor’s prior work.

Opening a restaurant may appear to be a difficult endeavor at first, but it may be lucrative if done right. Dubai is a fantastic place for aspiring entrepreneurs to start their businesses since it offers so many options. There is always a place for another outstanding diner in the Gulf, as the restaurant sector continues to flourish and foodservice trends diversify.

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