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What is ‘Zoom’ future? & Normalization of Life

What is ‘Zoom’ future? & Normalization of Life

COVID -19 pandemic has affected every strand of our lives. It affected our lives in such an unrivaled way that no one had imagined it ever before. It halted the business activities and left them a little window to find new possibilities and grow.

Business travel and meetings were the most challenging issues for many industries and entrepreneurs. However, many online video meeting platforms made it possible to find an alternative to the prior face-to-face meetings but during the pandemic, the zoom had established its monopoly over other similar virtual meeting platforms.

Now the world is bouncing back and opening up its travel and tourism. And this is the time to learn that what we can bring from the past into the near future. With the coming of normalization, many things will not be the same as it was before. As it is said every coin has two sides, same,  the pandemic caused many losses to the business but also taught us many new things. 

While Doing a virtual meeting seems more efficient but sometimes it can cause great loss due to a lack of clear and complete communication. Also, there is a lack of motivation in a virtual meeting, while during in-person there is the transfer of energy which can not happen virtually. If you are on a video meeting you have to take care of your background, distractive sounds, lightning & every possible thing around you during a video call. You need to take special care of your pet animal and your baby while attending the virtual meeting from home. There are so many technical faults that can hinder your ongoing meetings. In Offline or in-person meetings one can know and understand other clients in person better whereas this is not possible in a virtual meeting. Additionally, a person can work or maybe get the motivation to work from its surroundings, if you are not in a working environment, it’s going to be tough to work.

Both virtual and in-person meetings have their advantages and disadvantages but in this pandemic era, virtual meetings had played a lifesaving role for many businesses and industries.  Now we all know that we’ll return to normalization very soon and most of the business meetings will be now held in person. But this normalization will not stop zoom and other video meeting platforms to grow. They will continue to grow shortly. But for the time being, we pray & hope to get everything back as it was, we want to see & hear school busses, that traffic, that office working environment, & most important friends. We will overcome this pandemic soon.

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