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What are the most difficult problems in deep technology?

What are the most difficult problems in deep technology?

Based on a piece published on sanchi connect, we present the following observations about deep tech technology:
It takes more time and money to launch a deep tech company because these businesses have a lengthier R&D cycle than more conventional startups.
The complexity of the problems deep tech startups strive to solve makes it difficult for even visionary angel investors to see the value in their ventures.
Due to the speculative character of deep technologies, development testing may be unsuccessful if not preceded by a thorough technical feasibility analysis.
It sets out to prove something that has never been proved before on purpose. In contrast, as digital advancement quickens, costs have risen steadily over time, and dated technology is rapidly approaching obsolescence.
The European Startups Project has released fresh information showing that deep technologies like AI, robots, quantum technology, and blockchain are garnering 25% of all VC funding in Europe.

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