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“WE ARE ALL EYES”: EYEWA’s stunningbackstory

“WE ARE ALL EYES”: EYEWA’s stunningbackstory

About Eyewa

Eyewa is an online eyewear platform established in the year 2017. The website is available in UAE and Saudi Arabia. With a thousand different pairs of glasses, different varieties and options to the customers the website has come a long way. “Our mission is to become the best eyewear store in the region by making quality eye care and eyewear more affordable and accessible to all!” quotes the website. The total funding of the company is around $11.1 million till now. It has been ranked 22nd in the “The Middle East’s 50 Most- Funded Startups” by the Forbes list. The investors of the company are: GS Shop, Wamda Capital, EQ2 Ventures, Nuwa Capital, 500 startups, Faith Capital and Angel investors.

Eyewa, the online eyewear store provides finest brands, good quality and a great experience of shopping on the website at your budget. It provides the customers with brands such as Ray-Ban and Emporio Armani, heritage brands like Burberry and Persol, high-fashion brands like Fendi, Dolce &Gabbana and Prada sporty brands like Nike and Lacoste. The founders Eyewa were founded in the year 2017 by Anass Boumediene and Mehdi Oudghiri. “Both Oudghiri and Boumediene worked together at US-based consultancy firm Bain and Company before launching Foodpanda in the Middle East for Rocket Internet. Once Foodpanda was sold to Delivery Hero in 2016, the pair decided to venture into business together, settling on launching an online eyewear store in the region.” wamda.com stated during an interview with Mehdi.

About AnassBoumediene: Anass has a Master’s degree in Management from ESCP Europe, a Bachelor in Finance from Concordia, and is a CFA and FRM charter holder. Before starting the company he worked with Deutsche Bank in London, ACG Private Equity in Paris, and for Bain & Company and Foodpanda Middle East.

About Mehdi Oudghiri: Mehdi OudghiriMBA from Stanford University, a Bachelor in Business Administration from ESSEC, and a Bachelor in Management from Tongji University. Mehdi before working with Eyewa worked with Valeo China, Bain & Company and foodpanda Middle East. “We’ve been working together for over five years now and we complement each other well. We’re both Moroccans, we’re both ex- consultants so we’re analytical but our personalities are very different. I’m more of an introvert, Anass is extroverted and I think that’s a great combination. We often have different opinions on topics which leads to constructive arguments that ultimately allow us to make better decisions for eyewa.” Mehdi commented about the relationship between the two co-founders.

The naming of the company

The company’s name: Eyewa, comes from combining two names. “Eye” and “Aiwa”. Eye represents: “eyewear” wherein “Aiwa” in Arabic means “YES!” in a very keen way. “The name not only defines what we do but also matches our identity of being a young and dynamic brand targeting the Middle East.” the duo quoted in an interview with ariabianbusiness.com.

The goal of the company

 Fast shipping The company is disciplined about one factor and that’s fast shipping with good quality. Everyone loves to receive their order as soon as they place it. A lot of companies take a lot of time for shipping, hence making the customers wait isn’t always a good decision. Eyewatries to ship the order as soon as possible and that’s one of its great qualities.

 30 days exchange The company provides the customer with a 30 days exchange. This gives the customer more space and they are free to order without the fear of the product turning out to look like a disaster on them.

 Cash on delivery Cash on delivery has been a great option for the customers. They are more likely to buy the product when the COD option is available. Most people avoid doing transactions online thus, COD works all the time.

 Authentic The product range, the price range, the quality, everything that the brand provides is topmost. The authenticity of everything that the brand has to offer is stunning and jaw-dropping. The experience always stays and that’s what matters.

The duo’s take on the company “We have been exploring a lot of ideas and opportunities in the eyewear market. This sometimes leads to a loss of focus and we found ourselves investing time on a lot of opportunities that in retrospect were not that important for our business. We have learned, with time, to let go of some exciting opportunities to focus on those that will bring the most value to our customers.”

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