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‘Victorious expansion of Edutech startup ‘GOMYCODE’

‘Victorious expansion of Edutech startup ‘GOMYCODE’

  • It provides supervised, on-site learning with a completely engaged and entertaining online experience.
  • GoMyCode launched in 2017 as a coding school but has subsequently evolved to cover a range of digital work training and technology programs.

The Tunisian technology business GoMyCode has extended its operations throughout Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, the Ivory Coast, and Egypt. The Wamda Capital, Meninx Holding, Anava Seed Fund, and Jasminum Capital collected $850,000 in pre-Series A financing. The enterprise offers training in Web, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and User Interface. It has trained more than 10,000 students and has connections with 100 organizations, institutions, and NGOs. It provides and supervises, on-site learning with a completely engaged and entertaining online experience. Loaded up by Yahya Bouhlel in 2017, GOMYCODE today includes more than 80 brilliant people with various profiles and a network of over 100 trainers.

Based on a mixed study approach, GOMYCODE aims to have a major influence on talent formation and to facilitate its integration into a digital labor market and economy, between a physical presence in GOMYCODE’s Hackerspaces and online learning.


Ivory Coast: French-speaking Western African technological locomotive

The Ivory Coast’s economy is one of the most dynamic in Sub-Saharan Africa. The government formed a Digital Youth Foundation in March 2016 that has already trained over 200 candidates. GOMYCODE aspires to establish itself in this context as a digital education developer in the capital Abidjan. The training is designed to be accessible to everyone including teenagers from various socio-economic levels, says Theo Durand, country launcher of GOMYDECODE Abidjan. “In a fast-growing nation like the Ivory Coast, I am confident that having access to digital training is critical,” says Durand. The opening in Ivory Coast targets the French-speaking West African tech locomotive.

Senegal: The Golden Country

The growth rate in Senegal remains over 6% between 2014 and 2018, one of the highest in Africa. 61% of Senegalese people are under the age of 25. In Africa, there is about 4,00,000 unfilled employment in digital professions. This huge digitization will have an influence on around 42% of present vocations. GOMYCODE is able to deliver open, worldwide technology to young individuals hungry to succeed in one of West Africa’s most promising countries. Vincent Leconte, Senegal’s Launcher, believes the new, unique training methodology for active education is more appropriate and effective than passive education in the 20th century.

Nigeria: Africa’s Most Profitable Start-up Environment

Lagos is Africa’s most populated city. It is home to around 1000 active startups and their founders, including some of the continent’s most well-known companies. The annual production of the ecosystem has produced a large need for IT expertise in the business. With the rise of remote working, more organizations are looking to Lagos as a talent base. “I’m really enthusiastic about what we’re going to do with GOMYCODE Lagos, especially the amount of employment that will be generated,” said Enogieru Osasenaga, GOMYCODE Nigeria’s country launcher.

Ghana: The Most Popular Destination For Digital Technology Investment

GOMYCODE has provided digital skills training to over 10,000 learners across Africa. Employers expect a 40% shift in the skills needed by employees in Sub-Saharan Africa. The talents are mostly sophisticated digital technological capabilities. Through GOMYCODE’s relationship with recruiting firms, students have a wonderful opportunity to find work. Over 200 teachers have been hired across Africa as a result of the company’s efforts. According to Joyce Okyerewaa Danso, country launcher of GOMYCODE Ghanaian, youth are competing not just with their Ghanaian peers for access to the country’s economic possibilities, but also with non-Ghanaians.

In Algiers (Algeria), Casablanca (Morocco), Manama (Bahrain), and Cairo, hackerspaces have opened (Egypt) In Tunisia likewise new hackers have been opened (El Menzah V, Nabeul, Gafsa, Gabes, Beja and Tunis Downtown) GOMYCODE also seeks to increase its position in the African market and the Middle East with a substantial digital influence on 42% of the professions. In the digital sector in Africa and the Middle East by 2030, the number of young people in Africa will rise by 42% and 4,00,000.

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