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Tricks to make Email Marketing Successful for your company!

Tricks to make Email Marketing Successful for your company!

With a growing number of Startups and Businesses what has also increased is competitiveness and monopolization of the market by one company. In order to reach the top and become that company to gain the trust and attention of consumers, one must use Marketing techniques to become successful. One such marketing technique that brings forth the highest return on Investment is ‘Email Marketing.’ Ergo! Here is a perfect guide for all you entrepreneurs to get it Right!


The first and foremost element of importance when it comes to email marketing is of course the subject of the email. The subject line that would appear on the subscribes email inbox should be good enough, in simpler words it needs to be:


  • Precise, brief, and Succinct.
  • Should fit in the screen view so that all of it can be read.
  • It should be customly sent to only consumers that are interested in particular products, services, schemes, or whatever your company is selling.
  • Should communicate the body of the email.
  • Should be catchy, funny, and attention-grabbing.
  • Would seem more interesting if written informally.


Once the subject line is attractive enough to catch the potential customer’s eye and the email is opened it is detrimental to make sure that the content of the email is interesting enough for the reader to go through with it and not exit the email. To make sure that this happens, the body of the email must ensure the following:


  • Adding visual elements like posters, images, sketches, art, logo,etc will ensure that people who do not wish to read the email or are busy get the idea and receive the meaning or message even if they glance at the page once.
  • Color coding and using Bold, Italics, different fonts, sizes, etc, will help quick glancers to also understand the purpose of the email.
  • Communicating the claim or catch made in the subject.


If you have successfully gained the interest of the potential consumer and made them go through your email with the perfect email, the next essential step is to provide an easy yet attractive ‘Call to Action Button’ aka CTA. Getting a click on the CTA button is the ultimate goal of the email, by clicking on the CTA the consumer can be directed to the website or window where they can purchase the product or service. Thus to get the consumer to click on CTA you should ensure that:


  • There is not more than one CTA as this could create ambiguity for the consumer and cause difficulty choosing or understanding.
  • The CTA phrase should be communicating a discount, free, redeemable code, or something that would interest the consumer and catch their attention.
  • The CTA should only be a small brief line at the end or start of the email.
  • CTA should be in accordance with the rest of the email as well as the opening website or window that would appear on clicking the CTA.

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