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Top 5 growing AGtech startups in MENA

Top 5 growing AGtech startups in MENA

2020 is the year that marked the establishment of several Agricultural technology startups, with only 10 percent of agricultural products being produced in the Gulf countries. It was about time that the Mena countries got over their water scarcity and soil erosion drawbacks that caused a hindrance to agriculture in the GCC Countries. With the establishment of many AGtech startups, a lot of the issues surrounding traditional agriculture methods have now been overcome.

Here are the Top 5 AGtech Startups in Mena:

1. Pure Harvest Smart Farms

With a $20.6M Series A of funding this startup secures the most supreme position amongst all Agtech startups in Mena, it combats the age-old issue of the seasonality of different fruits and vegetables. With climate-controlled farms and Hitech machinery, Pure Harvest Smart Farms enables the production of all fruits and vegetables throughout the year regardless of the season.

2. Tarfin

With a funding of $5M in series A, this startup makes it easier for farmers to obtain farming inputs like seeds, fertilizers, manure, ets, on a cheaper credit basis procured through cutting-edge technology and big data analytics.

3. Edama Organic Solutions

With a $780K Seed fundraise, Edama aims at providing sustainable agricultural products to arid regions by recycling organic waste.

4. Krispr

With $600K Pre-Seed round funding, Krispr provides purely organic agricultural products through vertical urban indoor farming, Krispr aims at providing a fresh and great-tasting harvest of fruits and vegetables to its consumers in UAE.

5. Red Sea Farms

By reducing carbon and water footprint, Red Sea Farms aims at providing saltwater- based agricultural systems that are healthy for both the consumers as well as the environment and most importantly Red Sea Farms help arid regions by providing saltwater technology.

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