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Things you should know before starting a cleaning services company in Dubai
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Things you should know before starting a cleaning services company in Dubai

In Dubai, some people have part-time domestic help while some people have full-time for their household chores. The business of the cleaning industry has rapidly increased by a margin of 35% to approximately 45% in the past decade. This business is aiming to provide reliable cleaning services for both individuals and corporations.

Why start a cleaning service company in Dubai?

Most Dubai residents are working-class which makes them busy in their routine life, they hardly get time to clean up. There has always been a high demand for cleaning companies in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. Setting up a cleaning company in Dubai is very easy and cost-effective if you can get the help of certain consultancies. Cleaning services in Dubai are mostly charged on a per-hour basis. Acquiring a cleaning company license in Dubai is a relatively easy and cost-effective process and therefore, the cleaning sector is
in high demand in Dubai.

Main points to consider while opening a cleaning service company in Dubai:

 Know your field
 Do your research
 Choose your market wisely
 Choose your location
 Get required license
 Knowing well about the cleaning industry
 Have an organized work structure
 Investing in advertisements

Types of cleaning services?

 Residential cleaning facilities Residential cleaning facilities include maid services, cleaning, and apartment
cleaning services.
 Commercial cleaning services Commercial cleaning services provide facilities to offices, shops, and all
commercial places.
 Industrial cleaning services Industrial cleaning services work in areas such as factories, powerplants, and

License for the cleaning service’s company:

 Industrial license
 Commercial license
 Residential license

Requirements to apply for a cleaning services company:

 Completed application form
 At least three trade name options
 Passport copies of shareholders
 Entry stamp or visa page of foreign shareholders
 NOC from the current sponsor, if the shareholder has a residence visa
 Additional approvals, if any, listed by the DED

Required Documents for cleaning service company’s license:

 Passport copy + visa page+ EID copies
 3 proposed names for the name
 Share details if more than one partner

Are cleaning service companies profitable in Dubai?

Cleaning companies are quite profitable in Dubai as most people spend their time working therefore residential cleaning companies are more profitable in Dubai.

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