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The Top 3 Exclusive Lifestyle Clubs for UAE Entrepreneurs

The Top 3 Exclusive Lifestyle Clubs for UAE Entrepreneurs

The only way to grow a young startup other than hard work is networking. Networking as an entrepreneur helps create important contacts, exposure to collaborative learning opportunities as well as learning through experiences of other entrepreneurs that immensely contributes to ones own experience and knowledge. Thus, it is extremely rewarding to be a part of networking clubs in UAE, the following is a list to provide you with the best of best entrepreneur clubs:

1. Make Business Hub
Location: Jumeirah Beach Residence
Cost: Dh120

Make Business Hub is a coworking space welcoming all entrepreneurs, it is not only a networking space but also an educational hub with workshops and TED talks always taking place as well as food and drinks inclusive in the entry charge. According to, “ the co-working space put Dubai’s tech founders on display in pitch events, even bridging worlds by hosting Silicon Valley incubator 500Startups for an evening. And with its Founders Dinners and Startup Grind series, space brought founders from Astrolabes, Duplays, and JadoPado out to share their advice with fellow entrepreneurs.” A visit to Make can easily be booked through any travel website or application as well as Maake’s Facebook page.

2. Leading Links Club
Cost: Dh100

Founded by Greg Pogonowski, a Financial adviser by profession, the Leading Links club is a networking non-profit club where members meet at breakfast, two times a month and get two know each other exchanging referrals and quality leads, leading to a great environment where individuals help uplift one another as entrepreneurs.

3. Business Network International

Every chapter has a single only member from each field of business category, for instance, one lawyer, one journalist, one marketing executive, and so on. “Our philosophy is ‘givers gain’, meaning, the best way to get something from someone is to help them get what they want – what goes around comes around. In seven years, our members’ referrals have generated more than Dh200 million in business.”

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