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Sarwa, where investing made easy: Start today and build your wealth for tomorrow

Sarwa, where investing made easy: Start today and build your wealth for tomorrow

Sarwa does what’s best for you and your money, whether you’re a novice investor or a seasoned veteran. They assist you in achieving your objectives faster by offering you a package of services that were previously only available to multimillionaires. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Go ahead and read the article.


About Sarwa and its team

Sarwa is backed by a team of top-tier financial professionals and technological experts. They put forth a lot of effort to apply tried-and-true investing techniques and provide a customised investment experience for you. Based on your risk profile, they help you invest in fully diversified portfolios of low-cost index funds. They employ cutting-edge technology to streamline the entire investment process and ensure that you get the greatest possible return. Experts with decades of investing and technological expertise make up Sarwa’s skilled staff. Sarwa secured $9.9 million in funding.


About the founding heads

Mark Chahwan, the CEO:

He founded Sarwa in 2017 and has 10 years of expertise in a variety of positions including strategy, management, operations, and technology. Mark received his Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University, where he studied finance and entrepreneurship.

Jad Sayegh, the CTO:

He worked for Vigilant Global, a hedge fund and world pioneer in high-speed trading technologies, before co-founding Sarwa. Jad is a full-stack engineer with a lot of expertise. He received his Bachelor of Engineering from McGill University, where he studied electrical engineering.

Nadine Mezher, the CMO:

Nadine is a co-founder of Sarwa and a seasoned marketing and communications strategist with more than 20 years of experience. Nadine has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from the American University of Beirut, as well as a design degree from Esmond Paris.


How does it work?

Sarwa does not invest in equities or attempt to time the market. They tune out the distractions and concentrate on growing your long-term savings.


  • Educate yourself:Sarwa wants you to know everything there is to know about them. What are your financial goals and where are you investing? Decide how much you want to invest and what degree of risk you want to take.
  • Customize:They’ll create a portfolio for you. They will match you with a fully diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds that fityour profile after learning a little about you and your investment goals from the answers you provide.
  • Invest: You can open and fund your account at any time. Identity verification is as easy as showing your ID and taking a selfie. Within 24 hours, you’ll get financial instructions to get started with your portfolio. Begin with a lump sum or a monthly investment from your bank account.



What makes Sarwa unique?

  • Simple sign-ups: Get a custom-built portfolio of low-cost index funds and establish an account in less than 10 minutes online.
  • Auto-deposits: Set up auto-deposits and we’ll transfer the funds to your new account automatically.
  • Dividend reinvestment: Any dividends you get are instantly reinvested back into your portfolio, allowing you to earn even more money.
  • Smart rebalancing: Sit back and watch your money grow as your portfolio is rebalanced regularly to keep you at the right risk level.
  • Human advisor: Expert financial counsellors are accessible on-demand to help you plan your financial future.


Mark Chahwa, the CEO states, “Our primary aim is to make investing easier not only for first-time and younger investors with little   experience in investing but even for those who know about investing,

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