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Sanjay Pahwa Calega Capital Director
Sanjay Pahwa

Sanjay Pahwa Calega Capital Director

Sanjay Pahwa is the Director at Calega Resources Investment LLC.
  • Executive Director : Calega Resources
  • Partner : Sygmia Consulting Group
  • Chief Operations Officer, Middle East and Africa : Agility Logistics Global Integrated Logistics
  • Senior Manager, Procurement and Materials Middle East : Kbr, Inc.
  • General Manager : MGT Group
  • Senior Manager, New Business : Tata Hitech Drilling Services India
  • Marketing Manager : Hitech Drilling Services India
  • Group Operations Manager : MGT Group




Sanjay Pahwa Calega Capital
Calega Capital

Industry Type :  Financial Services

Director : Sanjay Pahwa

Address : 3305, Concord Tower Dubai Media City, PO Box 64362 Dubai United Arab Emirates

Official Website :

Calega is a group of individual investors who are interested in early-stage investment and are spread globally with their own private funds. It is currently evaluating $1-5 million opportunities and has identified technology, consumer, and medtech as potential investment areas.

Calega is an investment group that invests in energy, healthcare, human resource intervention, and technology companies. Sanjay Pahwa Calega Capital.

Calega is an Incubator Accelerator for the Energy, Healthcare, Human Resource Intervention and Information Technology verticals of business.

Aahaa is the first investment that Calega closed in India. Founded in 2013 by industry veteran Asokan Sattanathan along with Rajaraman Sundaresan and Harish Kannan

They are more than just venture capitalists; They are active partners and consummate collaborators. They use our investment and industry knowledge to help exciting ventures take flight. They build and supplement teams, attract new partners, and optimise strategies and operations to attract more customers and build profitable businesses together.

We were looking at investing in India and narrowed down our choices to startups that use technology in a unique way to make life simpler for business, industry and government. We should be able to assist Aahaa grow beyond the boundaries of India,” said Sanjay Pahwa Calega Capital Director

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