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Rethinking, Reimagining and Redefining Health Insurance with the help of Sehteq

Rethinking, Reimagining and Redefining Health Insurance with the help of Sehteq

Since medical treatment is expensive and hospitalizations may burn a hole in your wallet and wreck your finances, purchasing health insurance coverage for yourself and your family is critical. As a result, I’d like to introduce you to Sehteq, a company that delivers unique reinsurance solutions to insurance firms in the MENA region. If you want to get the most out of it, then read the article.


About the healthinsurance provider


Individuals and SMEs in the United Arab Emirates can benefit from Sehteq’s low-cost health insurance products. According to the firm, it was formed in 2017 and has already gathered approximately 650,000 customers and built a network of over 2,200 suppliers. This year, Sehteq raised $23 million from 971 Capital in the United Arab Emirates. It’s also one of the most well-known TPAs in the UAE, with several successful InsurTech solutions.

About the founding heads

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Saif AlJaibeji:is the Global Chief Medical Officer of Optum, UnitedHealth Group’s service and technology business located in the UAE. He is also the Co-Founder and Chairman of Sehteq, a Dubai-based digital health insurance firm. Earlier, Saif served as UnitedHealth’s regional CEO for the Middle East and Africa.

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Noor ALKamil: is also a Sehteq co-founder. She is a physician who graduated from Harvard University with a master’s degree in microbiology and immunology.

Taking advantage of technology to its full potential


Sehteq develops software to make insurance more accessible and cheaper to its customers.


  • Individual Sales Portal by Sehteq:the company has developed the region’s first AI-powered build-your-own-plan engine. As a result, their consumers may customise their health insurance plan to meet their specific needs. The product is being introduced in collaboration with Noor Takaful Insurance.


  • SME Portal by Sehteq: SME Technology introduces the concept of Flexi benefits to the region. Allowing companies to set aside a budget for workers to use as a wallet, allowing them to tailor programmes to their requirements.


  • Using AI to Democratize Access to High-Quality Healthcare: Sehteq has acquired dawa solutions, which has its own Pharmacy Benefit Engine (PBM) and AI-Based Claim Engine for lowering healthcare expenses.


The network, administration, and management of Sehteq


  • Pre-Authorization: Sehteq’s sophisticated processing capabilities are unrivalled. Approvals and pre-authorizations will no longer be required of network service providers. Service providers obtain an automatic, intelligent approval within minutes by logging into the Sehteq portal and submitting the necessary information online.


  • Claims and Cost Planning: The Sehteq administration system is intelligent processing driven by hundreds of claim adjudication rules that process the majority of claims without the need for manual evaluation. Sehteq can not only pay providers faster with these high levels of automation, but it can also tightly control benefit use without sacrificing accuracy or consistency.


  • Disease Management:Sehteq’s approach to comprehensive illness management is based on a basic idea called disease management. The Sehteq programme encourages patients to follow internationally accepted evidence-based therapy guidelines. Sehteq continuously assesses the insured population’s risk, concentrating expert resources on the health treatment of the most at-risk individuals. These patients are eligible for benefits based on their illness clusters and past usage history.


The path ahead


Sehteq already automates more than 90% of its back-office labour, reducing customer annoyance and increasing overall efficiency. Sehteq’s aspirations to acquire and create consumer-centric applications to improve the experience of its 650,000 customers will be aided by an additional $3 million. The technology arm, Sehteq Portals, went from being a cost centre to an independent sector, licencing its AI-based sales platform to over 100 partners.

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