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Quarantine is still mandatory in Saudi for travellers from UAE

Quarantine is still mandatory in Saudi for travellers from UAE

UAE travellers are demarcated to Saudi Arabia on the condition to be quarantined after coming back to the country, even after travel restrictions has been lifted.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Saudi Arabia proclaimed that the arrival of the passengers coming from UAE, USA, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan & France are authorized to enter into the country, from 30th May 2021.

Saudi Arabia’s Press Agency stated that the institutional quarantine will apply only to those who are arriving from the above-mentioned countries.

Saudi Arabia initially enforced a non-permanent ban on the arrival of non-nationals travelling from the UAE to Saudi Arabia in the middle of COVID-19 cases.

Vaccinated citizens who have received both the doses of COVID-19 vaccine, as well as, the ones who have received even  1st dose  & 14days have passed, are eligible to travel. Additionally, they have to give proof of their vaccination on the Tawakkalna App. The citizens who have completely recovered,  from COVID-19 & yet not received the vaccination are also allowed to travel if they confirm the same on, Tawakkalna App, that the span of the recovery from COVID-19 is below six months.

Citizens under the age of 18 are even authorized to travel, after submitting an insurance policy before the Saudi Central Bank, covering the risk of COVID-19 treatment while outside the country.

The country did not clarify what the quarantine rules will apply to the travellers coming from UAE. As per the previous rules announced that the travellers coming from UAE with reported new COVID-19 variant are asked to self-quarantine themselves for 14days & the rest of the passengers will be quarantined for 7 days.

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