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Pure Harvest Smart Farms: Year-Round, Premium Quality Produce
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Pure Harvest Smart Farms: Year-Round, Premium Quality Produce

Pure Harvest Smart Farms is a UAE-based tech-enabled agribusiness that focuses on the year-round production of pesticide-free premium fruits & vegetables. Pure Harvest is an established leader in sustainable agriculture in the challenging climates of the Arab Gulf region.


Sky Kurtz, Co-founder and CEO- He is also the Co-Founder and Director of Vence. He is an experienced technology private equity investor and business executive with experience in Dubai, New York City, and Silicon Valley.

Mahmoud Adi, Co-founder and Director- A UAE National, Mahmoud Adi is the Director of Abu Dhabi-based Shorooq Investments and a private equity investor at Mubadala Investment Company.

Robert Kupstas, Co-founder and Board Observer

Founded Date

Oct 1, 2016

Headquarters Regions

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

Company Type


Total Funding Amount

$135.8 Million

With desert making up the vast majority of UAE, and most of the rest taken up by urban development, it is easy to see why UAE imports almost 90% of its food from abroad. Just about 5% of the country is considered cultivable. But with the rise and continuous advancement of technologies in areas like irrigation, indoor farming, and water desalination, the region is positive about a future in which it no longer has to rely desperately on imports from more temperate, thriving climes.

In 2019, the government of UAE constituent Abu Dhabi injected $272 million in financing and tax incentives to the development of a local ag-tech ecosystem. In April 2020, the emirate’s Abu Dhabi Investment Office pushed $100 million of grant funding into startups, including local controlled environment agriculture (CEA) grower Pure Harvest Smart Farms, with the startups further securing $41 million in December 2020.

What sets Pure Harvest apart from competing indoor farming players in the market?

 Being eco-Friendly- 10x higher yield and more productive

 Lower Costs- Powered by sunlight and IoT-enabled climate

 Premium Quality- Protected by nature, not chemicals.


Pure Harvest develops leading-edge controlled-environment agriculture technologies to deliver only the best quality products. They claim their fresh produce to be cleaner than organic.

How They Grow

Pure Harvesttrusts that controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) is the future to achieve literal food security in arid climates.

 At Pure Harvest, resource conservation is taken seriously.

 Their technology is 7x more efficient than the usual desert greenhouse farms and over 30x more efficient than traditional field farming.

 83% of the water that they consume leaves the farm in your food.

 They grow year-round, even in the harshest summer months.

It is one of is Harvest’s missions to offer true & tangible food security, helping the country inch towards self-sufficiency and environmental sustainability. Their high-tech greenhouses provide accurate climate & environmental controls, enabling higher productivity and reduced waste (including water, energy & time). With the use of technology, Pure Harvest takes on the challenges of the region’s hostile climate so that your food does not have to.

Quality is of paramount importance. They utilize advanced on-site water treatment to guarantee food safety. They also pack their own produce: immediately cooling fresh-picked produce to stretch shelf life-preserving freshness, firmness and flavor.

Their Produce Pure Harvest products are found in some of the most well-known and far-reaching retailers in the Middle East, such as Waitrose, Spinneys, and Carrefour, as well as numerous popular hotels and restaurants in the UAE. Presently, the company grows 26 commercial varieties of tomatoes, including six that have never been seen before, and six varieties of strawberries. Leafy greens, baby spinach, and a much larger production of strawberries are expected to come by mid-2021.

Prominent Investors

Wafra International Investment Company and Shorooq Partners Their Impact The company is committed to supporting public initiatives revolving around improved food security, water conservation, skilled job creation, and economic diversification. Through persistent engagement with schools, research institutions, and governments, Pure Harvest believes that together, they can lead the Middle East into the future generation of sustainable agriculture. Pure Harvest Smart Farms topped the Forbes Middle East 50Most-Funded Startups List after it raised $135.8 million to propel its ambitious expansion plan.

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