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Notion’s Growth Strategy – How Notion Reclaimed the Collaboration Space

Notion’s Growth Strategy – How Notion Reclaimed the Collaboration Space

How often have you wondered to have a platform that would keep you and your team together? And immediately a suite of platforms like Google’s tables, Monday, or even Asana, might come to your rescue. But there is one platform that sets itself apart by being the all-in-one tool. This workspace brings together spreadsheets, wiki sheets, CRM, and share documents most elegantly and flexibly- making it a lifesaver for marketers!

Meet Notion

Notion is not designed just for teams like you, it is also a self-service product, built as you go, and its growth has largely been propelled by organic adoption. The drag and drop feature along with the uninterrupted transition has made it a no-brainer product and people love using it. So, how did they do it? A great product, a little strategy, and of course, knowing how to grow. Read on to know the details.

Since its relaunch in 2018, Notion has been the go-to platform for individuals and teams alike. The launch of Notion 2.0 gathered millions of users and more than 6,000 upvotes on Product Hunt. Large corporations as well as smaller, growing internal teams have used this platform. What makes their growth strategy different? Their horizontal growth. They market to a large base of people and segment their audiences. The use of ambassadors, Notion community, and a very tailored brand voice, have helped them achieve an admirable $2 billion.

Ideas That Helped Notion Grow

Be it B2B or B2C, Notion’s strategic design and organic growth are unique for both! Let’s look at the trends that helped them in their rise-

 Flexibility- Notion focuses on customization and usability. It will use the knowledge that you give it and set you up with specific and useful templates. In case you do not find the specific, you can create your own building blocks and search from their pre-done templates. The tools are adaptable to let you organize your workspace and lifestyle.

 Community- Notion has created the title- ‘Notion Pro’. You must have seen a lot of Notion’s traffic and conversions come directly from organic search, proving that their products have been loved by people, who have their feedback on them. The community manager of Notion’s marketing team helps recruit people who actively advocate for their products out of love. These voices lead to changes and developments.

 Active Replacement- Notion’s website, templates, and set-up feature let you know of all the tools that you need to remove from your life. Each page and template guide you on how it works and how you can effortlessly stop using another tool.

 Clean Design- Notion presents you with a clean, simple, and almost perfect blank slate. It is designed for you to build as per your fit. Apart from those hundreds of templates that Notion provides, you, as a Notion user, can create your own templates and contribute to the ever-growing community.

 Personalization- While setting up your company, Notion will automatically start creating a data-driven workspace with tools that they think you might need. Within minutes of your initial sign-up, Notion does a quick 1-2-minute personality and use assessment, and works on the building tools you need. This feature highlights a new sense of personalization and adaptivity and there is no need for you to transform and recreate files, or spend hours in the customization process.

Analyzing Notion’s Strategy

Notion has an incredible growth rate, with an average visitation of over 20 million every month. Notion does not adhere to the conventional huge spending on paid ads or long advertisements, but rather grows through the community it fosters. More than 80% of its traffic comes through direct search with only a little more than 6% coming from paid search. The widespread support and Reddit community revived the relaunch of the platform along with its ever-growing ability to build a community and workspace for everyone. You will not find too many ads regarding Notion on social media and advertising channels. Notion simply used the traction they got from people who love their product.

Key Takeaways from Notion’s Growth Strategy

They want to be able to build the tools to help people work the way they want to – Camille Ricketts, Head of Marketing, Notion

 Focus on Branding
 Recognizing and using your customer
 Uplifting community voices
 Sharpness over efficiency

Notion has been successful in incorporating strategy, community, and convenience to create a product that does better than its competitors.

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