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Microsoft has added some more ornaments to its cloud technology Azure AI in the form of updates and client-oriented tools.

Technology makes things easy and Microsoft has now become its synonym, through its new developments it is serving humanity as a whole. The updates promise to empower developers to solve some of the difficult challenges for businesses.

Microsoft hosted a bunch of developers community from around the world to share the new innovations & skills at its all-digital- Microsoft Build Conference, which took place from 25th to 27th May.

Some of the key updates shared:

•  Azure Bot Service- that now enables developers to add speech and telephony capabilities(like Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa AI features)

• Azure Metrics- it is a statistical tool that is used to analyze the performance of an organization’s growth in the form of graphs,  charts, etc for a simpler understanding.

• Azure Video Analyser- it has the capability of automatically analyzing video to detect and determine temporal and spatial events.To improve workplace safety and security(especially for female employees).

Microsoft also announced new capabilities to its Azure Cognitive Services that include:

•    Document translation which helps enterprises translate complex documents into one or more languages.

Text analytics for health enables the user to convert unstructured medical data such as doctor’s notes, medical journals, electronic health records, clinical trial protocols into a simpler form

( can be said as common man’s health advisor).

Two new machine learning capabilities were also announced:

•    Azure Machine Learning managed endpoints: a new capability that helps developers and data scientists build and deploy machine learning models rapidly.

•  PyTorch Enterprise on Microsoft Azure:  which gives Microsoft Premier and Unified Support for Enterprise customers additional benefits, such as prioritized requests, hands-on support, and solutions for hotfixes, bugs, and security patches.

How  Microsoft’s cloud technology and its tools Empower Developers and Enterprises.

• It saves hardware cost,as all the data can be stored in cloud space

• Provides remote access to information

• Unfortunately if data is erased from the computer, the cloud stores backup data.

Some drawbacks of cloud technology.

• It is not easily learnable.

• Requires high internet speed.

• Various security issues,if by mistake the Developer has published its data.

The upcoming decade will be definitely dominated by BIG DATA which is beyond our imagination, yet growing exponentially.

It is data with so large size and complexity that none of the traditional data management tools can store it or process it efficiently.

So the need of the hour is to focus on cloud technology and its up-gradation. Nations and tech giants must collaborate to make data affordable, accessible, and available to all.

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