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Just A Mistake: After Being Voted Out Of Office, Israel’s Netanyahu Sits In The Prime Minister’s Chair By Accident

Just A Mistake: After Being Voted Out Of Office, Israel’s Netanyahu Sits In The Prime Minister’s Chair By Accident

  • The 12-year record of Benjamin Netanyahu as the Israeli Prime Minister ended on Sunday with the Parliament’s approval of a new nationalist Naftalí Bennett “government of change.”

Benjamin Netanyahu’s record 12-year term as Israel’s prime minister came to an end on Sunday, when parliament approved a new “government of change” led by nationalist Naftali Bennett, an unlikely scenario that few Israelis could have predicted only a few years ago. The transition, on the other hand, was accompanied by a significant episode. Netanyahu sat down after the election that resulted in the formation of a new government in Israel, but in a seat that was no longer his.

According to recordings that have now gone viral, the former Israeli Prime Minister, who sat in his allocated seat for nearly a decade, sat in the same Prime Minister’s seat after being voted out. He was finally instructed to take a seat in the opposition’s section. Many people who viewed the video remarked on it, remarking that “old habits die hard.”

“I’m here at Rabin Square to commemorate the end of an era in Israel,” Erez Biezuner stated. As flag-waving supporters of the new administration chanted and danced around him, he said, “We want them to succeed and to bring us back together.” But the government’s inevitable weakness was highlighted by the razor-thin 60-59 vote of confidence in a coalition of left-wing, centrist, right-wing, and Arab parties with little in common to save a desire to remove Netanyahu.

Following the transition of power, Netanyahu, 71, declared that he would return sooner than planned. Before Bennett was sworn in, he assured parliament, “If we are destined to go into opposition, we will do so with our heads held high until we can overthrow it.”

The incoming government is generally planning to avoid broad movements on global topics like the Palestinian policy and instead focus on internal changes.

Palestinians were unmoved by the changes of government, which foresaw the pursuit of the same right-wing agenda as Likud party leader Netanyahu, former head of defence, who wants the annexation of sections of the occupied West Bank.

The coalition agreement would replace in 2023, by centralist Yairo Lapid, 57 years old, a prominent former television station, Bennett, a 49-year-old Orthodox Jew and high technology tycoon. Bennett’s entry into the premiership was a political mask with his far-right Yamina party gaining just 6 of the 120 parliamentary seats in the recent election.
Still being interrupted by “lie” and “shame” screams of parliamentary Netanyahu followers, Bennett praised for “long and successful service” for the former prime leader.
But the two men have lost little love: Bennett was formerly the senior officer of Netanyahu and has been a problematic defence minister. While they are both right-wingers, following the elections on March 23 Bennett spared Netanyahu’s call to join him.

Bennett identified education, health reforms, cuts in bureaucracy and decreased housing expenses as a priority. The leaders of the Coalition announced it will adopt a budget for two years to assist stabilise the finances of the country.

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