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In-depth analysis of the Kashmiri Pashmina Industry

In-depth analysis of the Kashmiri Pashmina Industry

The word “Pashmina” has been derived from the Persian word “pashm” which means wool. The Kashmiris refers to the word “pashm” as the raw unspun wool of the Changthangi goat. Pashmina is the fibre that is used to make the popular Kashmiri shawls and other variants of it.

It has become a part of the Kashmiri tradition and culture over the years. The Pashmina industry also serves as the main source of income and livelihood for a major part of the Kashmiri population.

With the introduction of new technologies and advancements, power looms and other types of machinery entered the industry and started making semi-Pashmina and Pashmina-alike fibres; This posed a threat to the real Pashmina industry. The machine-made fibres are easier to make and are a lot cheaper. Hence, the hundreds of crores worth industry of Pashmina has seen a downfall in the export sector also. To undo the damage and reverse the downfall, the government and other organizations have taken various measures in this regard. This is helping the Pashmina industry grow again, as well as providing a chance for the local artisans to flourish.

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