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Grubtech raises $3.4 million on the whole to grow its cloud kitchen service platform

Grubtech raises $3.4 million on the whole to grow its cloud kitchen service platform

Dubai’s Grubtech, an existing startup that belongs to the cloud kitchen service sector, raised $3.4 million inside of an existing Pre-series A round. The groups and individuals making the investments were regional family offices, VC firms as well as other angel investors.

This very technologically advanced, Grubtech, founded by Mohamed Al-Fayed as well as Mohamed Hamedi inside of the year 2019, has built an existing operating system focusing on top of food delivery as well as cloud kitchens that is going to belong to restaurants.

Mohamed Al-Fayed says that, very similar to e-commerce 10 years ago they happen to be still early on top of the development that belongs to the F& B sector digitization. Grubtech happens to be working on top of customer’s user-friendliness as well as issues that may arise in the very near future. He goes on top of that to mention his gratitude towards the more innovative players inside of the sector as well as he happens to be also blessed to exist as a worker that is working locally and globally during the same time.

The monthly price that is issued by Grubtech is $60, however for the restaurant’s branded web ordering channel as well as dining app, they charge an existing additional $0.49 that is going to belong to each order.
Grubtech’s solution happens to be being used by various groups such as large cloud kitchens, restaurant groups, underutilized real estates, for example, hotels as well as gas stations.

A statement was made by Hilmar Venter, the Regional F& B Delivery Manager of the Azadea group, also one among the clients of Grubtech “Its user-friendly and intuitive interface meant that our staff required minimal training.

The ability to centrally manage our menus and disable unavailable menu items and modifiers directly from the kitchen display system has helped reduce human errors, order cancellations, and eliminate time wasted making updates across various tablets. We’ve also significantly reduced order acceptance time by receiving all orders on one screen. By operating more efficiently, with cost savings, we are able to better serve our customers and increase repeat orders.”

The startup stated that they happen to be serving hundreds of brands and that the brands happen to be using its solution to process hundreds of thousands of orders. Grubtech is receiving higher demands for its solution all over the world including Europe and America. According to their plan, the latest funds will be put into use for product development to be able to capitalize on the interest.

According to an existing private group that belongs to syndicate investors led by Ghassan Oueida as well as Gry loseth, who have invested in the startup, Grubtech happens to be making higher technological advancements every day as well as serving the ever-growing food delivery and cloud kitchen space. Seeing Grubtech’s growth potential on top of an existing global scale, they said that they happen to be incredibly excited about it.

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