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For jobseekers in Dubai during Pandemic

For jobseekers in Dubai during Pandemic

● For persons with a wide range of abilities, the labour market in the UAE provides enormous opportunities.
● The country is one of the leading job-seeking locations.

In the Gulf area, Dubai has been a leader in the transition to a neoliberal market of talents. In general, Gulf nations need foreign employees to obtain a citizen sponsor (kafil) who will function as their legal guardian. Previously, this meant that workers would be hired by labour agencies in their home countries, arrive with contracts and residence cards, and work for one firm until their final departure. It was difficult to find work inside the country or even to change occupations.

In the 2000s, the UAE became the first to enable job searchers to enter on tourist visas, which could be converted to residency permits after they found work. Tourist visas have become an increasingly essential channel for migrants of all economic levels, even though the upfront costs for travel, lodging, and living expenditures frequently surpass the fees collected by labour agencies. Simultaneously, the UAE has relaxed sponsorship regulations (kafala). Today, the corporation that hires someone may also function as the sponsor, and transferring sponsorship is no longer reliant on the generosity of the sponsor, but rather a normal administrative procedure – for a price.

Many job seekers have benefited from the burgeoning new migrant labour system. It is also in the best interests of Dubai’s trade-oriented economy, which need a flexible labour market that cannot always be supplied by the somewhat sluggish and heavy system based on migrants recruited outside on two-year fixed-term contracts. This shift was further fueled by the 2008 financial crisis, which had a significant impact on Dubai. While the UAE is still a welfare state for its residents who can anticipate employment in the public sector on excellent terms, a lot of public labour, be it at airports or public offices is currently outsourced to private enterprises who recruit more precariously migrants and nationals.

Since the UAE ceased issuing work permits overseas in March 2020, the Covid-19 epidemic has accelerated the neo-liberalization of the labour market (with few exceptions). Today, the only option to obtain a residence visa is to be employed directly by a potential employer in the nation. When the economy began to revive in the fall of 2020, the lack of work permits resulted in a shortage of both employment and labour. Countless individuals were unemployed, most of them remained in their home countries because they lacked the financial means or were unwilling to incur the danger of returning. At the same time, businesses were clamouring for staff who could only be hired within the country.

Ola Haddad, Human Resources manager at, said the Khaleej Times that Covid-19 had surely affected numerous businesses a lot last year, although, with the support of current medical breakthroughs and ongoing security measures, the labour market is gradually recovering. “While 2020 was a tough year for international professionals, 2021 looks promising,” she says. “This perspective is particularly appealing to job searchers in the UAE. According to the latest Job Index poll, 74% of UAE firms are planning to recruit new individuals this year.”

The study results have shown that most UAE enterprises are employing entry-level personnel, in particular junior managers. In addition, the top roles companies want to have sales executives, receptionists and sales managers. In the next year’s Middle East and North Africa area, however, Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Advertising, Montreal, Public Relations, and Engineering, Design etcetera have had the greatest motive.

Looking for a job?

People might submit their resumes to a professional recruiting firm. This will provide them access to employment openings for a variety of positions depending on their academic credentials and skill level. Some businesses advertise for walk-in interviews, whilst others hire based on recommendations or needs. Knowing someone in the sector might help you get information about job openings within the organisation before others. You will not only be notified about job vacancies, but you may also be among the first applicants to apply for the position. Attending networking events may also aid in your job search. You might join online groups and social media networks to widen your network while living in another nation.

If you have relatives or friends in the UAE, you might approach them for guidance or ask them to help you with introductions and recommendations. It is also worthwhile to contact previous colleagues, clients, or acquaintances, since they may be able to provide you with career leads. The more individuals who are aware that you are looking for work, the higher your chances of getting a job. Make a list of firms that you want to contact, as well as jobs that you would like to apply for. Work your way through the list as quickly as possible, keeping note of the positions you’ve applied for and follow up as needed.

Job Opportunities in Dubai

The Covid-19 epidemic may have slowed things down throughout the world, but Dubai was one of the fastest nations to reopen its facilities after the sanitization phase. Many businesses that previously had ‘Work From Home’ policies are now fully operational, with workers working from their workplaces. With the Dubai Expo 2020 set to begin on October 1, 2021, now is a great opportunity for job searchers to locate relevant jobs. Finance, Procurement, Marketing, Construction, IT, Hospitality, Tourism, Telecom, Operations, Sales, Engineering, Business Development, and Logistics are some of the industries that may provide chances.

Health care, oil and gas, SEO/SEM, statistical analysis, data mining, global relations, algorithm creation and web architecture as well as IP design are other areas of the industry that provide work. Having unique capabilities in Arabic and English, such as cultural intelligence, addressing crucial issues, and being bilingual can boost your opportunities to work in today’s digital era.

Sometimes, from the moment you apply for a position, the recruiting process may take months to receive a letter from you although one should be patient because organisations have to follow many protocols. If you seek a job online while living in another nation you have to make a difference in time especially when calling for follow-up interviews or arranging for them. It is also necessary to investigate and have an insight into the country’s economy, population, living standards and labour regulations.

Apply for jobs that are a good fit for your capabilities.

Many job searchers apply for positions that are not appropriate to their qualifications. They are often drawn to work which provides the necessary talent, expertise, experience and a high-income package, lodging, visa charges, air tickets and other benefits. Many times, while they are not qualified for the post, the candidates send their resume. You must apply for positions for which you are qualified. Employment managers receive hundreds of curriculum every day. As a result, it is critical to apply for jobs that are a good fit for your skillset and expertise. Applying for jobs that are not a good fit for you in terms of experience and skillset may cause the hiring manager to view you negatively and depict you as a candidate who lacks direction, or in some cases, the candidate may be blacklisted by the company’s HR department.

Social Media

Many HR managers and recruiting consultants grasp their online personality and background in the social media profiles of the candidate. Your social media pages should provide you with the right picture and provide prospective workers with an outstanding first impression. LinkedIn is a key tool to help you look for your career. The site allows you to connect with a possible employer, widen your system and share your social profiles with academic and professional achievements. This can enable you to get to know more and more possible employers for interviews. Social media also connects employers and employees.

According to research, 92% of recruiting companies use social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networking sites. Increasing your SEO through online curriculum vitae, completing job seeker profiles on web-based portals and uploading industry-relevant material will ensure prospective workers read your profile more frequently. Create a Linkedin and Facebook profile, participate in and debate jobs and careers inactive pages and groups. You may view your work and career growth.


Some people have the capacity, skill and experience to carry out the job they seek, but they may not be able to present themselves in the best light. Many applicants do not investigate the firm and its purpose. A lack of trust and eye contact is one of the main factors. Over the years, organisations change and seek a candidate that will match the organization’s positive culture, someone who not only can bring value to their knowledge and work function. It is crucial to concentrate on body language and non-verbal communication while being questioned.

Although many applicants have years of expertise in a certain field, in a new nation it may not be the same thing hence, the applicant may be asked to describe work duties and comprehensive questions concerning the technicalities of the work function. The applicant should be in a position to explain his everyday activities and practical expertise in depth.

The candidate should display his greatest characteristics, apart from his work knowledge. Dubai offers several walking-in interviews. Employers accept job applications and perform on-site interviews in groups or individual forms. Companies advertise on job search sites the date and time block of their interview. Open interviews are also carried out when the organisation wishes to employ individuals for several posts, which increases your chances of arriving at a job.

Have Confidence In You

Standing tall from the minute you enter the corporate building is excellent for practising confident body language. When you’re in an interview, make sure you think before you speak, and keep your eyes on the interviewer. Keep your responses brief and inquire about the company. Always be courteous, thank the interviewer for their time, and leave with a smile on your face.

Some Popular Jobs in Dubai


In Dubai, candidates with professional sales training are in high demand. With new projects, the city has become a business centre. Infrastructure development, which connects to real estate, is on the increase in Dubai on a large scale. As a result, as competition grows, so does the demand for sales executives.


A company’s strategy is devised by its chief financial officers. This indicates that there is a lot of demand for them, as well as a lot of money. Finance specialists are called upon to make decisions on investments and earnings, thus their services are in high demand.


One of Dubai’s most popular occupations, from mechanical to electrical and plumbing engineers (MEP). Building projects are underway in Dubai, which implies that the MEP engineers have direct demand.


Dubai is the world’s rising corporate hub. The expansion of its infrastructure has ensured the city has unlimited property potential. It might be useful to work for a real estate organisation.


Legal counsel is responsible for possible legal problems. Competition in Dubai between companies that achieve new levels is essential to maintain legal consultants.


Managers are responsible for the business growth of extending the profile and customer list of a business. Candidates are expected to participate in direct sales and marketing teams and to lead to the search for new business partnerships and maintain or improve current ones. Employers will need an applicant with relationships and expertise in and around Dubai.


In the growth of the municipality, civil engineers are responsible for determining the feasibility, influence on the environment, structural integrity and security. Buildings, streets, airports, bridges, canals and dams are supplied by the skills of a civil engineer. In Dubai businesses want you to be aware of local legislation and building standards in addition to technical abilities. Some firms can apply to be members of the Engineering Society – UAE.

You may be upset and demotivated by being positive while you wait and receive unfavourable feedback from a possible job. Make a list of the issues you can influence or influence in this job hunt. Use the time to acquire new skills or learn a language online, improve your skills.

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