Do you want a flawless shopping experience for both mother and child? Then Sprii is the best solution for you - MENA startups, innovation, and tech news


Do you want a flawless shopping experience for both mother and child? Then Sprii is the best solution for you

Do you want a flawless shopping experience for both mother and child? Then Sprii is the best solution for you

Sprii is one of the finest online retailers for moms and infants in the Middle East, with excellent discounts, a faultless shopping experience, and a wide range of brands. So, before purchasing from this online business, read the article to have a thorough understanding.

About Sprii, the shop offering multiple brands

Sprii has everything a parent might need, including apparel, accessories, toys, and gadgets. Sarah Jones, a British entrepreneur who formerly worked as an assistant manager at Deloitte Middle East, established the company in 2015. Sprii has raised $15 million in three investment rounds, the most recent of which is $8.5 million in 2019. It intends to grow throughout the Middle East and North Africa, particularly Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain.

About the owner

Sprii was created by Sarah Jones at the beginning of 2014. She previously worked in finance for four years, first in London and later in Dubai, at Deloitte in Mergers & Acquisitions advising. Jones left banking after two years in the Gulf, seeing the promise of the early-stage e-commerce sector and the Sprii business model.

What’s in-store

From pregnancy to receive the baby and those toddlers, Sprii online shopping means, having all you need at your fingertips. This online store has everything you need for diapering, baby toys, appliances, outdoor play goods, bath & baby care, mum necessities, kids’ fashion, home & lifestyle, baby gear, feeding products, school supplies, and presents.

The best thing is that all of the items are branded and guaranteed to be of good quality at the lowest possible costs! Sprii has a lot of reasons to adore it. When it comes to parenting, Sprii is your best friend. It strives to provide you with the highest level of pleasure, from high-quality items at low costs to a suite of special services. Here are some of the reasons why you should fall in love with this online store.

 Free, limitless shipping: There's no catch, and it's one of the finest reasons to purchase on Sprii! Whether you’re purchasing a pencil case or a single pacifier, you’ll always get free shipping.

 Everything for kids from A to Z: There's always something for your young one, whether it's diapers, toys, or even getting ready for school! Sprii also has some excellent items for expectant mothers.

 Amazing presents: Buying gifts for children is often a struggle since you never know what they enjoy. However, getting something is necessary, especially if your child has been invited to a birthday celebration. Sprii claims to address this issue by providing some fantastic gifting alternatives.

 Cool discounts: As soon as you start exploring Sprii, you’ll notice that its banners contain some fantastic price reductions. Sprii offers excellent savings on everything from baby clothes to food and toys, and the sales make everything even better!

 Option for cash on delivery: This is ideal if you are not comfortable with online payments or do not yet have a bank account. This is also a completely free service with no minimum order need. You only need to pay the courier and you’re ready to leave.

Sprii offers a variety of brands

Sprii is the finest site for mom and baby items, with over 1,000 fantastic brands. Disney, Ted Baker, Hamilton, Herschel, Cosco, Fusion, Juvenile, Munchkin, Cath Kidston, Smart Baby, Maclaren, Fastrack, Boba, Infantino, and many other brands are available. Now that you’ve finished reading the article, don't spend any more time and start buying at Sprii.

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