Cura, the largest and leading telehealth and telemedicine platform in the fields of Saudi Arabia - MENA startups, innovation, and tech news


Cura, the largest and leading telehealth and telemedicine platform in the fields of Saudi Arabia

Cura, the largest and leading telehealth and telemedicine platform in the fields of Saudi Arabia

Telemedicine… “It allows us to connect a patient to a doctor and it allows us to erase time and distance which is the miracle of telemedicine,” said Tift Regional Director of Telemedicine Jay Robbins.

The above-quoted statement depicts how telemedicine companies endeavour to connect patients with the utmost healthcare faculties. The below is an article devoted thoroughly to one such company named Cura, which is thelargest and leading telehealth and telemedicine platform in the fields of Saudi Arabia.


About the company

Cura is a telehealth platform that allows patients to get consultations, diagnoses, prescriptions, and well-being treatment sessions from their mobile phones via instant messaging and live video chats. Patients may also rank doctors and provide comments on the service using a feedback mechanism. The firm, which operates out of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey, has over 2,400 registered doctors and over 500,000 consumers. So far, they have completed approximately 285,000 telemedicine consultations. Cura provides three sorts of services with its 2,700 doctors who specialise in over 200 medical disciplines.

Wael Kabli and Mohammad Zekrallah, software engineers and lifetime friends who have worked in the areas of technology for ten years at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, founded the company in 2015. The Funding of Cura can be said to around $6 million and Emma for Business is a profound investor.


About the founding heads

Wael A. Kabli:

He is an entrepreneur as well as a technology and innovation advisor. Currently, he is the CEO and creator of Cura, his second start-up. Also, the co-founder of the business Xceed Ventures. He has worked for Microsoft Consulting Services as an architect and a technology advisor, helping Saudi Arabia’s leading governmental and commercial sector companies. In addition, we have over 45 other advisory initiatives.


Mohammad Zekrallah:

He is a self-driven entrepreneur with over 7 years of hands-on expertise in software development. Currently, Co-Founder and CTO of a Saudi Arabian start-up named. He worked for Beacons Systems Company as a Software Development Manager. Developed a several Internet/intranet sites. In the ‘Arab Net Developer Tournament,’ he was named one of the top ten finalists for the finest developers in Saudi Arabia.



About the services

  • The first is instant consultations, in which users who require urgent medical attention obtain a prompt response from general practitioners and family doctors.
  • The second option is specialist consultations, which allows users to browse all of Cura’s physicians and highlighted doctors, as well as user ratings, specialisations, wellness programmes, and other information. This service allows you to have a more in-depth conversation with a doctor, expert, or consultant.
  • Wellness programmes are the third service, and customers may contact wellness professionals in gynaecology, dermatology, psychology, nutrition, and dentistry, among other fields, all of whom are licenced specialists with telehealth expertise. This enables people with well-defined objectives to modify their anxiety, social phobia, pregnancy follow-ups, diabetes follow-ups, and weight reduction.


What the offerings are?

  • Cura connects customers to hundreds of doctors across all specialities with just one click! And can treat the entire family at one location with only one step.
  • All of the doctors are well-educated, credentialed, and experienced in their respective fields. Hence, get the top physicians to help you out.
  • Get a single, secure platform for all of your medical consultations and inquiries; all consultations are encrypted and overseen by a medical commission.
  • Only one step away from talking to the greatest approved physicians and receiving the most trustworthy and valuable consultations, all on your smartphone.


Mission and commitments

Cura is committed to providing the highest quality healthcare services to everyone, at any time and from any location. The ultimate objective is to be there for customers and their families anytime they want medical assistance. The company has always been devoted to providing the greatest services and reaching the maximum number of patients feasible. The principles that have been adopted by the company driven them to enhance the app and keep it up to date with customers’ questions and complaints.

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