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Bahrain to impose 2-month summer ban on outdoor work from 1 July

Bahrain to impose 2-month summer ban on outdoor work from 1 July

Bahrain is one of the torch-bearer countries to implement the principles which support a healthy and safe ecosystem for workers along with enhancing worker productivity.

 The ban will start in Bahrain on July 1 and continue until August 31
 Employers who violate the ban could face up to 3 months of jail, or fines between BD500 and BD1000, or both.
 According to the report released by GDN, last month was the hottest May experienced in Bahrain in more than a century with the mean temperature hitting 33.5C, which is 2.4C above the long-term normal for May.

The ministry of labor and social development in Bahrain has banned outdoor work in the afternoon for the upcoming months of July and August. This decision is in line with the ministerial edict 39/2013, which has the law to ban outdoor work for the said period. The ban will prohibit outdoor work from midday until 4:00 pm.

The Aim

This is the welcoming decision aims to safeguard the workers and ensure their safety from evitable summer hazards like heat stress, heatstroke, and several other diseases, it also helps in combating occupational accidents during this period of the year, which witnesses a huge increase in temperature and humidity levels in the country.

The ministry has started launching various awareness campaigns focusing on employers and workers to realize the government’s motive behind the effectiveness of this decision. Documents containing the guidelines are being handed out, these also contain instructions and information on the impact of high temperature on worker’s health and safety while performing their duties.

Virtual workshops are also being conducted for occupational safety supervisors in private sector establishments, to update them about the latest developments and pre-requisites to prevent occupational safety especially during the summer months. Mr. Khalid Humaidan, CEO of Bahrain economic development board pointed out the importance for establishments to strengthen their efforts on alerting workers about heat-related health issues.

“There also has to be a need to provide comprehensive health care and first aid services and finding appropriate technical solutions that would reduce temperature and humidity issues,” he added.

“The private sector establishments have shown commitment over the past years to this decision. However, the ministry will not tolerate violations and measures will be taken against offenders.”

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