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Are you ready to use ‘Adzily’ to make your next display ad more convenient and productive?
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Are you ready to use ‘Adzily’ to make your next display ad more convenient and productive?

Do you run a start-up and want to acquire control over your advertising so that you can reach your target audience? Then I have to inform you that you are on the right track. Read the rest of the article.

About Adzily

Adzily is the first digital out-of-home network that focuses on audience and targeting. It is a Middle Eastern firm that operates digital out-of-home advertising displays. It was started in 2019 by Ahmed Ashoor, Mostafa Hendawy, and Mohamed Ossman. You can simply reach out to people in hundreds of different places at the same time. The company has received $12.2 million in investment from Al Tharawat, a Saudi Arabian private equity group, and aims to utilize it to grow in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. According to the firm, it has over 300 screens, works with more than 50 companies, and has clients including Vodafone Egypt and Careem. Currently, 3,000 displays are being installed at 68 Cairo metro stations.

About the founding heads

Ahmed Ashoor: is the current co-founder. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Entlaga. Ahmed Ashoor formerly worked as the Co-Founder of Jobs Hub and attended Cairo University. Mostafa Hendawy: Mostafa Hendawy is one of Adzily's founders and serves as the network's head. Mohamed Ossman is also one of Adzily’s founders.

Why Adzily?

The most effective strategy for your next campaign:

 Available in a variety of out-of-home places where individuals spend their leisure time.
 Optimize your campaign for maximum engagement and quantifiable outcomes.
 Select the most appropriate ad format for your message (Image, Video, or even Interactive content).
 Compare the outcomes of each campaign from a single dashboard to quickly optimise different initiatives.
 Target a particular audience to reach the appropriate individuals for you. Not everyone is a customer of yours.

What’s there for different types of users?

 Advertisers: Reach tens of thousands of potential customers in a variety of locations (malls, gyms, cafes, supermarkets, etc.). Adzily makes it as simple as posting on social media to select your target demographic, establish your budget, and then publish your ad on hundreds of screens at once.
 Enterprise: Create an in-house digital signage network quickly and easily, allowing you to target visitors in multiple regions and branches, optimize campaigns, post advertising, engage visitors with interactive ads, and monitor campaign insights all from a single dashboard.
 Network: Activate your guests by promoting in-store deals on Adzily screens when they are visiting your stores/branches. Also, when paid marketers place ads on Adzily displays in your branches or locations, you’ll gain an additional source of money.

Identifying your target market

Adzily is a smart ad network that gives advertisers complete control over their ads through a user-friendly dashboard. Advertisers can choose where their advertising will appear.

 Targeting: Display Ads for a particular Audience.
 Audience: Display Ads in Specific Locations or Cities.
 Brand: Advertisements for specific brands.
 Time: Ads will be displayed at a specific time during the day. Goals for the future

With this funding, the start-up aims to deploy 5,000 displays in various Saudi cities in 2020, followed by another 5,000 screens in 2021. Unlike Egypt, Adzily will encounter tough competition from companies like Al-Arabia, which has screens in some of the country's largest shopping malls. For the time being, Adzily, which counts Apple, LG, and Egypt's government among its clients, is exclusively targeting global companies. Furthermore, Adzily intends to use the majority of its funding to expand its network of screens across Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

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