Amir Hegazi: a man with unstoppable ambitions, inspiring entrepreneurs with his trending publication - MENA startups, innovation, and tech news


Amir Hegazi: a man with unstoppable ambitions, inspiring entrepreneurs with his trending publication

Amir Hegazi: a man with unstoppable ambitions, inspiring entrepreneurs with his trending publication

“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.”-Guy Kawasaki, AllTop Co-founder

Yes, you have heard that right! Anyone can come up with various thoughts in their minds but only a few have the power and capability to make it happen and change the thought process into a reality. The 21 st century has elevated innovations in the field of business and economy via the help of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs can change the way people live and work, on local, national, or international bases. Here is one such entrepreneur named Amir Hegazi who has written a book, Startup Arabia: Stories and Advice from Top Tech Entrepreneurs in the Arab World which has made its way to the trending list of Amazon. Let’s know more about him and his book!

About the inspiring entrepreneur

Amir Hegazi, an Egyptian-American is a deep-rooted entrepreneur with over 20 years of start-up, tech, e-commerce, and digital media experience. He was brought up in the fields of California and has been working in the MENA region since 2005. He is currently a Managing Partner of MENA Group and a wise man to whom international companies can ask for business help before entering the MENA region. Earlier Amir was the Director of Marketplace at, the region’s biggest e-commerce program by Amazon.

He assisted’s marketplace to establish an account for a substantial portion of overall sales volume. He has built himself as one of the early pioneers of digital media in the MENA region and has launched the largest online TV network in the Arab world at companies like JumpTV and Talfazat. He is also an adviser on tech start-ups, entrepreneurial environ, and go-to-market and e-commerce strategies for ministers, policy-makers, CEOs, and entrepreneurs.

The story behind the creation of the book

As per an interview with, Amir Hegazi has revealed the full story behind the creation of his book from the scratch. And this is what he said. I became very engrossed in the subject line of ecosystem development in general as it pertains to the MENA region specifically around four years ago. This was the same period I used to be performing on my first book, Start-up Arabia. However, it wasn’t until August 2019 that I decided to jot down my thought process into paper and go full force on this extensive undertaking and utilizing the research methodology I had ultimately used, namely sourcing and organizing the simplest perspectives and concepts out there on the topic and presenting into a coherent, comprehensive form. Initially, I didn’t have any specific outcome in mind.

I simply approached the project with a blank slate and therefore, “If I’m ready to engage the brightest, most impactful, and most passionate individuals on the subject, including both global and regional thought leaders, experts, and players, there will be ample intriguing content that will help provide many answers to common ecosystem problems.”

As I dig deeper into the subject line, the scope of the project significantly magnified and it became quite tangible that there are layers upon layers of topics that need to be addressed and straightforward answers weren’t always available. I’m proud of the product outcome and trust that readers will see its value. I’m much obliged to the dozens and dozens of generous contributors who made this book possible-whom without this work would have been a mere one-man bias take-and instead it has evolved into a bountiful, diverse, and balanced coverage of the MENA region business environment from almost every aspect.

Understanding the term ‘Ecosystem Arabia’

Ecosystem Arabia aggregates more than 100 of the most influential experts and thought leaders on the subject of entrepreneurial ecosystem development, as well as some of the most impactful figures on the MENA ecosystem. In essence, the book is a selected combination of one-on-one interviews with topmost global and local leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, incubators, accelerators, service providers, media professionals, educators, policy-makers, and ministers.

It covers subjects such as the building blocks of a booming ecosystem; what is not working in ecosystem development globally; the present state of the MENA start-up and tech ecosystem, its origin and outlook; where are the gaps in such areas as funding, talent, cost, and regulations; the key challenges entrepreneurs face in the MENA region and what can be done to address them; how to allure international talent, companies, and investment; how to foster practical education and 21 st – century skills training; how to set-up a more innovation-friendly culture and regulations; the most thrilling sectors and tech opportunities in this MENA region; and international best practices on ecosystem development.

Moreover, the book written by him discusses everything from how he got the idea, how he overcame obstacles, and how he managed to learn from the trouble he has faced. Amir Hegazi also advises the next generation of entrepreneurs and gives his valuable opinion on what the MENA region needs to sustain and develop the ecosystem which allows start-ups to grow. This book is an excellent opportunity for young entrepreneurs not only in the MENA region but all around the world to learn from real-life stories. Never stop following your dreams, learn, grow, and achieve your targets.

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