‘Amazon Web Services’ forms about 63% of Amazon’s total profits. Here’s how – - MENA startups, innovation, and tech news


‘Amazon Web Services’ forms about 63% of Amazon’s total profits. Here’s how –

‘Amazon Web Services’ forms about 63% of Amazon’s total profits. Here’s how –

While everyone is acquainted with the journey and success of Amazon.com, little do they know about one of its most successful companies- ‘Amazon Web Services. AWS is a cloud computing platform that serves as an important business tool for companies.

It provides storage of Databases, Hybrid cloud, networking, management, security, and services like power compute, Game-Tech AI, developmental tools, delivery of content, Analytics, media services, robotics, and much more.

AWS has an annual revenue of $45.3B and made $13.5B in profits in 2020, needless to say, it dominates the global cloud market. According to Alex Lieberman, “AWS is electricity for the internet. It is the largest provider of on-demand, cloud computing services in the world. With 33% of a $150 billion global cloud market, AWS makes our digital lives possible.”

Furthermore, working within 25 and more geographical regions, AWS has big companies procuring their services, some of the top companies include: Netflix, Kelloggs, Philips, Zoom, Samsung, GoPro, Finra, Pinterest, CoinBase, and several more. With its establishment in 2006 after being led and introduced by now CEO Andy Jassy, AWS immediately gained popularity due to its cost-effectiveness, high reach, flexibility, and time-saving services.

Netflix that now serves more than 200 Million people worldwide can credit much of its success to AWS, as without a cloud computing platform like AWS, Netflix would have to spend a ton of money on physical servers as well as physical locations to keep the servers and employees that would do maintenance and handling of these physical servers. Thus, AWS has proved to be an extremely beneficial tool that every enterprise needs to grow and reinvent themselves.

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