A guide to the safest travel options, if you are a woman traveling for Expo 2020. - MENA startups, innovation, and tech news


A guide to the safest travel options, if you are a woman traveling for Expo 2020.
Expo 2020 Dubai

A guide to the safest travel options, if you are a woman traveling for Expo 2020.

Expo 2020, now to be held in 2021. Know all about dates, tickets, and travel in this article.

Dubai, which is one of the 7 emirates of the United Arab Emirates, is amongst the world’s most popular destinations for travel and tourism as well as ranked as the most modern city in the world with its world-class infrastructure, malls, nightlife, and luxurious hotels, Dubai really proves to be the best travel &destination in the world.


Dubai is an extremely diverse city with people from more than 200 nationalities with 90 percent being from other countries around the globe, despite that it is a city that is extremely safe for women and has very low crime rates. In the year 2020, Dubai was ranked among the top 10 safest cities in the world by Numbeo and the top 15 most liveable cities by the Knight Frank City Wellbeing Index, and thus it is safe for both men and women.


Dubai does have certain cultural barriers for women but the corporate and professional occupational sector of Dubai aims at woman empowerment and gender equality, for example, in the year, 2018, the UAE cabinet passed a law that enables equal wages and pay for men and women, secondly, women are also allowed a fully paid maternity leave of 45 days if they worked at a company for a year.


As one of the top safest cities in the world, Dubai provides a very safe environment for women traveling, and thus we will further dwell on the safest travel options for Expo 2020, starting with the consequential question, “What is Expo 2020 all about?”


Just as the name suggests, an Expo is a large-scale international exhibition almost like a grand, extravagant celebration of innovation, skill, and talent. The expo now set to open on October 1st, 2021-March 2022, will consist of people from all around the world selling their products from several fields like art, science, fashion, technology, food, and any other imaginable field, not only will there be products in the expo but also amazing live performances of dance, music, art, culinary experience, architecture and cultural experience, gaming, etc, at the expo there will be 60 live performances each day including sports and flash mobs as well as 200+ restaurants serving 50 different cuisines from around the world. Since the year 2021 also marks UAE’s 50th Anniversary the celebration will be absolutely ostentatiously luxurious and is said to “spark innovations that will underline the next 50 years of human progress.”


The Expo tickets will soon be open for booking again. In 2020, before the expo was canceled and postponed, the tickets were available at over 25000+sites and authorized sellers and thus buying tickets will not be a hassle, reaching the Expo is also quite easy, especially for international travelers as it is situated in Dubai South close to Al Maktoum International Airport and within easy reach of Dubai International Airport and interestingly the site spans over 4.38 square kilometers. After having reached the airport one can use the following options to ensure the safest travel and reach the Expo.

  1. RTA Hala Taxi: Also known as Pink Taxi, RTA Hala taxis are driven solely by women, they can be easily identified as they have pink hoods, secondly, only women, children, and families are allowed to use this taxi and thus it is a taxi “By women for women”. Pink Taxis are easily available at the airport and can be booked through the DTC application for a very convenient journey in three steps:
  • Register on the DTC application with your phone number or email ID,
  • Next, select Pink Taxi and add pick up location
  • Select drop off location and confirm,
  • The taxi will then arrive very soon


       2. RTA Busses: three rows of 12 seats each are designated in the front of each one of the 1518 busses of RTA, exclusively for women travelers, the busses move at regular intervals and thus these can be easily used for transportation. These busses have strict rules and thus any male person entering the women-only compartment is charged with a penalty amount.


      3. Dubai Metro: The Dubai metro secures a different compartment for women and children situated at the end of the metro with two convenient points entry and exit both. Mne entering the compartment are charged with a fine of Dh100.


      4. Dubai Tram: The Dubai Tram connects the Dubai metro with Palm Monorail as a link, this train also consists of a regular compartment, a gold compartment, and an exclusive compartment for women and children with a fixed price of Dh3 irrespective of the travel distance.


With its safe environment and convenient transport systems, Dubai truly is the perfect place to hold the Expo and will provide a Once in Lifetime experience for all!

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